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Aston Martin Aston Martin Touchtronic Aston Martin new Touchtronic automatic transmission allows instantaneous and seamless gear changes to be made at the touch of a button.  
BMW BMW X5 3.0 Sports Activity Vehicle  
BMW BMW 323Ci Cabrio    
Bugatti Bugatti Royale 1932 Binder U-study of Bugatti  
Chrysler Chrysler Stratus New Chrysler Stratus sedan  
Chrysler Chrysler Viper New prototype Viper  
Chrysler Chrysler 300 Hemi C Prototype  
Chrysler Chrysler Viper GTS/R C Prototype  
Chrysler Chrysler Viper Racing "Le Mans Oreca" Prototype  
Chrysler Chrysler Viper Racing "Sport Racer" Prototype  
Chrysler Chrysler Stratus 2001 Sedan  
Chrysler Chrysler Jeep Varsity Prototype  
Daewoo Daewoo Rezzo    
Ascar Daihatsu Concept Car    
Jaguar Jaguar F-type Concept Car  


KIA Motors Kia Rio    
KIA Motors KIA Rio Concept Car    

Mazda RX-Evolv

Mazda Mazda Tribute    
Mazda Mazda 626 Twin Turbo GT-R4 X4    
Daimler Chrysler Mercedes-Benz S 600 Pullman    
Daimler Chrysler Vision SLA  

Mercedes-Benz, SLA vision

MMC Automobile Mitsubishi Pajero    
Nissan Nissan Maxima QX    
Nissan Nissan Patrol GR    
Opel Opel Zafira Sbowtrekker    

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