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Paris Auto Show 2000
Paris, France
September 30 - October 15, 2000


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The Prometheus is a ‘show car’, designed exclusively for the Paris Mondial. Although it may appear to be a caricature, thanks to its attractive square shape reinforced by its large wheels, it is nevertheless not totally innocent.

Peugeot, who on the occasion of the Mondial de l’Automobile are launching the first international design competition on the Internet, have decided to set the tone of this event in the field of creativity by introducing four ‘toys’ evoking the pleasure of motoring: the ‘City Toyz’.


The top-performance Carrera GT sports car making its debut at the Paris Motor Show is entering new dimensions, reaching beyond even the most extreme limits of modern sports car technology. 


Carried through in 41 months, the X74 project was aimed at renewing Renault’s challenge in the upper-medium M2 segment, by replacing the existing Laguna and Laguna Nevada.


The new Arosa presents a clean, impressive, and sporty design. It stands out for its exterior line, and, especially, for its front with a style shared with the new range of Seat products.

Equipped with a 204 hp (150 kW) 2.8 V6 24V engine and total traction, the León Cupra 4 is the sportiest series production vehicle in the Seat range.


Škoda Auto introduces its Škoda Octavia 2001 model range with many changes and innovations that will appeal to customers. The emphasis has been on detail and perfection. 

The ŠkodaFabia Combi has a wide range of engines: four petrol and two diesel. Almost all petrol engines fulfil the strictest EU 4 emissions standard, which will apply in EU countries from 2005.


The new Toyota Avensis brings extra levels of refinement, performance and economy to the family car market. The new Avensis features the very latest Toyota high technology petrol and diesel engines


The Passat, which is positioned in the premium segment of the upper mid-class, has received numerous technical and stylistic modifications. Five of the eight engines in the programme are new. 


The new Volvo S60 gives strong coupé associations on the outside but is in fact a roomy sedan on the inside. A strong and lively design gives the car a pronounced sporty character. Nonetheless, it is roomy and practical enough to seat five in comfort.

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