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News of  January 10, 1999

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HANDAR4.GIF (182 Byte)  Cynthia Trudell New President of GM´s Saturn Division
TROY, MICH. – The General Motors Board of Directors has elected Cynthia M. Trudell a GM vice president and chairman and president of Saturn Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GM, effective January 1, 1999. She will replace Donald W. Hudler, also a GM vice president, who has been serving as president of Saturn since 1995, and as chairman since April 1, 1997. He will retire on January 1, 1999 after 43 years with GM and Saturn.

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HANDAR4.GIF (182 Byte)  Werner Neubauer Takes Over in Volkswagen´s Wolfsburg Plant
Following Dr. Gerald Weber, Werner Neubauer is  in the driving seat of  the world´s probably largest car factory starting from January 1. The Wolfsburg Plant with a capacity of more than 650,000 cars p.a. has always been something to worry about during the last years. In Wolfsburg the Golf, Bora and Lupo is produced.

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In order to attract Opel cars stronger to the customer, Opel is now up to implement its Opel Live. The concept presents three main elements :

  • the entrance area of Opel Live, where visitors will be welcome and the company is presented,
  • the former plant building K48, where visitors can experience the entertainment shows, like testsimulators or the "Dark Ride", wich stands for the simulation of plant tour at night and finally
  • a multimedia supported plant tour is offered.


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