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September 5, 2007

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Mini Clubman to hit Chinese market next year

By Joanne Jiu From: Shanghai - (gasgoo.com) -The rear-hinged door designing of BMW's Mini Clubman, which has turned off English customers may be attractive to Chinese buyers. BMW (China) is planning to launch the Mini Clubman in Chinese market in March 2008,, the company announced yesterday.

Mini Clubman's right-hand side suicide door, also named as "Clubman", is inconvenient to right-hand-side drivers, like the Britons. But it's just fit for left-hand side driver markets.

The controversial "Clubman-door" is located behind a B-pillar. In appearance, this vehicle looks exactly the same as the standard Mini Cooper. The only differences are the rear-hinged suicide door and the size. Mini Clubman is 3.94 meter long, 240 mm longer than the basic Mini. Clubman's wheelbase is 80 mm longer than the standard Mini, and the maximum storage is 250L larger than the standard.

Currently only Mini Cooper is available in Chinese market, and all versions of Mini Cooper are imported from Germany. In May, BMW introduced its newly-designed Mini Cooper to Chinese market. Priced at 328,000 Yuan (USD 43,351), this car is so popular in some cities that buyers have to order three months in advance.

Photos: BMW

(September 4, 2007)

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