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December 18, 2008

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General Motors Europe And Iberola Sign Agreement To Begin  A Feasibility Study Which Will Analyze The Recharging Infrastructure For Plug-In Electric Vehicles

The cooperation between General Motors Europe and Iberdrola reflects the interest of both companies to enhance the development of these types of vehicles, whose large-scale production will contribute to environmental protection. The agreement was signed by Javier Villalba, Director of Spain Network Business from Iberdrola, and Jamal El-Hout, Vice President, Product Planning from General Motors Europe.

Madrid. General Motors Europe and Iberdrola have signed an agreement to jointly perform a feasibility study which, ultimately, will analyze the technical requirements of a recharging infrastructure for the integrated marketing and viability of plug-in electric cars. The agreement was signed by Javier Villalba, Director of Spain Network Business, and Jamal El-Hout, Vice President, Product Planning General Motors Europe.

This cooperation reflects the interest of both companies, worldwide leaders in their respective business areas, to encourage the development of electric vehicles, in particular extended-range electric vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt, which will significantly contribute energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Both companies already work together in an important international project related to plug-in electric vehicles, coordinated by the prestigious Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) from the United States and with the participation of another 41 electric companies from all over the world.

The main areas of the study, which will be carried out in Spain and the United Kingdom, are convenient and safe charging for consumers. GM and Iberdrola will analyze the requirements for the location of plug sockets in private homes and offices; public or private parking and for the installation of electricity meters.

In the framework of this study, both companies expect to develop specific actions to assess the optimum viability of electric cars. General Motors Europe and Iberdrola will analyze E-REV technology and the electrical network capacity and will specify the conditions for the electrical charge of vehicles.

In case the outcome of the viability research is positive, both companies foresee further cooperation with the different European, national, regional and local governments, to support the implementation of this initiative.

Photos: GM

(Dec 14, 2008)

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