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February 27, 2008

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Lincoln Design Team Brings the Luxury of Contemporary Home Design to the Road

NEW YORK - 2009 Lincoln MKS sedan and Lincoln MKT Concept features interiors inspired by the latest home design trends and will be on display at the annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York, March 6-9, 2008.

The female design team who helped develop the MKT Concept will attend the show and bring out the finer points of the vehicle's interior design. Lincoln Chief Designer Gordon Platto will deliver the March 6 keynote speech 'Form Follows Function' focusing on the unique intersection of architecture, interior design and automotive design.

Lincoln, known for design-conscious luxury vehicles such as the award-winning Lincoln MKZ sedan, Lincoln MKX crossover and Navigator, will showcase its 2009 Lincoln MKS sedan and the Lincoln MKT utility concept at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show on New York's Pier 94 off of 55th Street. The precision-crafted interiors of these vehicles are inspired by the latest home design trends.

Star Designers of the Lincoln Design Studio

Featured at the event are Lincoln Chief Designer Gordon Platto and three gifted up-and-coming female designers who led the development of the popular Lincoln MKT Concept. They will join the artists and interior designers who inspired their work while at the Lincoln Design Studio pushing the value of "auto chick power." The design team of Joann Jung (31), Amy Kim (26) and Jennifer Hewlett (27) are helping define a new breed of Lincoln vehicles.


Lincoln features interiors inspired by the latest trends in contemporary home design and founded in the belief that automobiles have become "the fourth space," as people are spending significant amounts of time in their vehicles. First space refers to the home. Second space refers to the workplace. The third space is a leisure location such as a cafe and, in turn, the vehicle has become the fourth space.

Lincoln MKT Concept Brings the Beauty of Home into the Automobile

The new Lincoln MKT Concept, unveiled in January at the North American International Auto Show, brings the driver and passengers even closer to home by including many of the same features as the Lincoln MKS. In addition, it offers appointments such as four executive-sized, first-class chairs with rear seat footrests, soothing tone-on-colors, ambient lighting and flexible storage.

Designer Jennifer Hewlett added a plush, hand-knotted rug made from banana silk covering the floor and complementing the contrasting Creamy Pearl chromium-free leather seats, while Amy Kim, in charge of the elegant metalwork, contributed sculpted door handles with sparkling, curved dimples reminiscent of beadwork.

Joann Jung was responsible for the instrument panel and crystal-inspired center consol that runs the entire length of the vehicle to create a feeling of continuity between the upper and lower portion of the cabin, as if all the occupants of the cabin were sitting together in a living room. A patented solid-state lighting technology allows first-ever 3-D projection on a contoured surface and displays information using intuitive shapes and spaces on the center stack.

Photo: Ford

(Feb 22, 2008)

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