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January 09, 2008

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Chrysler LLC Achieves Record Sales Outside North America With Best Year Ever

Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD

Auburn Hills, Michigan - Chrysler achieved record sales outside North America in 2007 (238,218 units), outselling any previous year in the Company's history. This was an increase of 15 percent compared with total year sales in 2006, and set another record for the company with more than two and a half years of consecutive month-over-month sales growth. For the month of December, sales grew six percent (22,004 units) compared to the same month last year.

All of the regions outside North America posted sales gains for the year. The Middle East / North Africa region led the growth with a 64 percent increase (21,171 units) over 2006. Latin American sales increased 22 percent (45,199 units), Eastern Europe was up 30 percent (12,775 units), and Asia Pacific grew 22 percent (33,715 units). Western / Central Europe, which accounts for roughly half of Chrysler's International sales, achieved six percent growth in 2007 (117,675 units).

"On behalf of our leadership team, I would like to extend my personal thanks and appreciation to Chrysler's International network for a very strong 2007," Bob Nardelli, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said. "This impressive performance in markets outside North America is a great demonstration of what can be done when all of our employees, dealers, distributors and suppliers come together enabling Chrysler to accomplish something this company has never done before."

Within these regions, many markets established records of their own. In Italy, the company's highest volume market outside North America, the Chrysler brand was the leader in the large MPV segment for the 15th consecutive year. In some markets, such as the Netherlands, the recently-introduced Dodge brand was the fastest growing brand in the country.

The Dodge Caliber was the highest sales volume vehicle for Chrysler in 2007 (30,937 units), helping the brand to almost double sales from the previous year when its availability was expanded to include all major markets where Chrysler has a presence. In 2008, Dodge will continue to grow its portfolio outside North America, as the all-new Dodge Journey reaches customers mid-year.

While each of the three brands was represented by a top-selling vehicle last year, Dodge with the Caliber, Jeep(R) with the Grand Cherokee, and Chrysler with the 300C, Jeep sales jumped 13 percent (96,924 units) to make it the Company's top-selling brand in 2007. In addition to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, demand for the Wrangler, Patriot and Compass have continued to grow since their introductions. This year, the company will launch the all-new Jeep Cherokee, in international markets, a volume vehicle for the brand.

Jeep is an icon around the world, and the brand's portfolio is well-suited to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers. The brand has done well in 2007, as have many vehicles in our brands' lineup, and the company sees the momentum continuing for Jeep as more customers have access to legendary brand's seven vehicles - all of which are available in right-hand-drive and with a diesel powertrain.

Photo: Chrysler

(Jan 05, 2008)

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