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November 01, 2008

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Ford To Showcase New F-150’s Versatility At SEMA

DEARBORN, Mich. – America’s best-selling pickups for 31 consecutive years are also the most accessorized vehicles in the aftermarket, and this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show brings new options aplenty for the 2009 Ford F-150.

Four F-150 project trucks – running the gamut from a rolling work shop to a functional fun machine – debut at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, which runs Nov. 4-7.

The F-150 Heavy Duty DEWALT Contractor Concept was designed to be the “ultimate contractor’s truck,” according to Jennifer Ervin, director of Business Development for DEWALT.

“At DEWALT, we are obsessed with developing innovative solutions for the professional contractor that will deliver productivity on the job site,” she said. “We have thoroughly thought through how a contractor uses his or her truck on the job, and we’ve worked hard to integrate every application into the truck.”

The DEWALT Contractor includes features such as a built-in charger for battery-powered tools that is hidden in the center console, a customized storage area beneath the second-row seat and Ford Works Solutions™ Tool Link™ from DEWALT.

Mike Duval, owner of X’Treme Toyz, had something else in mind for the F-150 he dubbed “Fahrenheit F-150°.” “I ride motorcycles, mountain bikes and four wheelers, and I like to go camping,” he said. “I wanted to transform the truck into a functional, fun vehicle for outdoorsmen like myself.”

In addition to “hot flame” exterior graphics, the Fahrenheit F-150° includes features including a 9,000 lb. winch hidden behind the license plate at the front and rear of the truck; a bike rack across the top rail; and a Bedslide sliding cargo drawer equipped with a toolbox, tire and small compressor.

In addition to a well-appointed interior, the 2009 F-150 offers customizers like Duval a variety of different options straight from the factory to build upon. The vehicle is available with three cab styles, four box options and seven unique trim levels -- a total of 35 different configurations in all.

Ford Designer Melvin Betancourt says he believes the F-150 is so popular in the aftermarket because in addition to all the “built-in” options available on the vehicle, there are still countless ways for customization enthusiasts to change it up.

The 2009 Ford F-150s featured at this year’s SEMA show include:

2009 Ford F-150 Heavy Duty DEWALT Contractor When there is a job to do, Ford F-Series trucks are the leading choice for the men and women who need to get it done. The 2009 Ford F-150 continues this work truck leadership with even more capability and smart pickup features than ever before.

The Heavy Duty DEWALT Contractor turns the 2009 F-150 into the ultimate tough truck for any job site with features that will drive productivity and help contractors achieve their peak performance. This rugged, durable, hard-working truck is equipped with powertrain mods to improve performance and efficiency plus a long list of custom features that turn it into a rolling work shop. To ensure that they have the right tool at their fingertips for any job, contractors can effectively store and manage their tool inventory through Tool Link and Customized On Board Storage.

Photo: Ford

(Oct. 28, 2008)

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