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September 25, 2008

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Bentley Milano proudly presents the photography exhibition

“Travelling with Fashion”. Elsa Haertter’s Travel Journals

Milan - Bentley Milano is proud to be a main partner in the creation of the photography exhibition “Travelling with Fashion. Elsa Haertter’s Travel Journals”. More than 300 fashion images and photographs by the German photographer, as well as personal notes and materials that Ms. Haertter has collected throughout her career will be on display from 23 September to 14 October of this year at Milan’s Triennale exhibition.

Bentley Milano supports this exhibition because Elsa Haertter and her work represent and symbolize the style and innovation typical of post-war Italy’s artistic, photographic and design community and so much more distinctive than the visual mainstream from that era.

The British car manufacturer embarked on a very similar route after the Second World War when it decided to redesign its production lines and car models to revolutionize the idea and use of the automobile among the Bentley clientele - which although members of the elite, were ready to embrace a wholly new, innovative vision.

The German photographer’s images interpret and recount the style of Italian society during the 1950s and 1960s and are seen today as genuine icons of that period, once again in the same manner that Bentley distinguished itself during post-war England with the launch of its historic models, such as the Continental R–Type, the first car able to achieve speeds of nearly 200 Km per hour.

“As soon as I saw Elsa Haertter’s work, I understood her philosophy, and I immediately decided that we needed to support this exhibition in the best way possible: Haertter’s photo shoots represent the strongest element of each journey, developing a form of communication in which the clothes are a function of the story line and not the other way around, as had been the custom up until that time,” says Luigi Vanin, Bentley Milan Managing Director. “This fully reflects Bentley’s philosophy, which allows clients to choose their cars in order to enhance the ambiance of their travel, and not vice-versa.”

Outside the Triennale di Milano museum the latest Continental GT Cabriolet will be on display: the car, being a gem in the world, in the automobile industry and a great sales success in Italy and in Continental Europe. Almost 90 years after the founding of Bentley Motors, the combination of craftsmanship and classic design features teamed with the latest technology creates the vibrant spirit of a brand acclaimed for delivering a unique driving experience.

Photos: Bentley

(September 22, 2008)

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