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February 26, 2009

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Toyota Reduces Air Emissions with Bio-Reaction's Bio-Oxidation Technology

PORTLAND, Ore. - Bio-Reaction Industries(R) evolutionary technology is helping environmentally conscious Toyota to significantly reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions within one of its painting operations.

As shown in Toyota's 2008 North America Environmental Report, Toyota's aluminum wheel plant in Delta, British Columbia recently added a third paint booth to meet growing demand. As a result, VOC emissions were expected to increase. To alleviate the VOC increase the plant needed to implement new emission reduction technology. This is where Bio-Reaction's patented Air Pollution Control System came to help.

Traditionally the plant used regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) to reduce VOC emissions in the air stream. The plant instead opted for a Bio-Reaction advanced bio-filter system which biologically breaks down VOCs. By not opting for thermal oxidation, Toyota significantly reduced the energy needed to treat the VOCs and is keeping tons of new CO2 from being generated every year.

Bio-Reaction's bio-oxidation systems are no secret to successful businesses. Chemical processing, wood products, food manufacturing and other industrial sectors are replacing thermal oxidizers with bio-oxidation systems, drastically reducing natural gas consumption. By not combusting this natural gas to burn up pollution emissions, companies utilizing Bio-Reaction's technology are able to save up to 90% in operating costs and reduce their carbon footprint by 85% or more.

"Toyota has always been a leader in energy efficiency and environmental manufacturing. We appreciate the opportunity to work with them. Their understanding of the need for a better way to treat VOC emissions demonstrates their commitment to energy and environmental issues," said Karl Mundorff, President/CEO of Bio-Reaction Industries(R).


About Bio-Reaction Industries

Bio-Reaction Industries, LLC (BRI) pioneered a new generation of low energy, environmentally friendly air pollution control systems that utilize microbes to digest industrial pollutants and odors. Based in Tualatin, Oregon, BRI's bio-oxidation systems cost dramatically less than thermal oxidizers to operate, do not produce additional greenhouse gases (such as CO2, NOx, SOx) and deliver the highest removal efficiency of any air phase bio technology in the world. For more information, call 888.508.2808 or visit www.bioreaction.com.

(Feb 24, 2009)

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