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July 27, 2009

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George Clooney with Lancia for L'Aquila, an evening in Fregene for the RomaFictionFest

George Clooney with Lancia for L'Aquila

Last night, in two completely different sets of circumstances, Lancia hosted two amazing events featuring international show business stars. At one, George Clooney, together with the Nobel Peace Prizewinner Betty Williams, was at the inauguration of the Nobel Peace Hall at the San Demetrio tent city near L'Aquila. At the other, at the Lancia Beach Club Riva in Fregene (Rome), guests took part in the "RomaFictionFest 2009" including Hill Harper and Sofia Milos of CSI, Christian De Sica, Paolo Conticini, Stefano Ambrogi, Antonella Salvucci and Margherita Granbassi.

Set up using the funds collected from the Nobel Prizes for Peace and sponsored by Lancia, the Nobel Peace Hall is a permanent, multipurpose building which will be designated as a cinema but can also host meetings and other activities. Figures from the world of politics and large organisations took part in the ceremony as well as famous people from the world of show business and the arts.

These included the actor George Clooney and the Nobel Peace Prizewinner Betty Williams who wanted to meet some representatives from the communities affected by the earthquake. Some scenes from Fantastic Mr Fox, an animated film by Wes Anderson, featuring the voices of George Clooney and Meryl Streep, were screened after the inauguration of the new Nobel Peace Hall. There was also a special preview screening for the occasion of the Italian version of the film "Ice age 3".

The initiative supported by Lancia confirms, on the one side, their strong bond with the world of cinema, an exclusive relationship as demonstrated by the direct participation of several of their cars in famous films and the support that, since 2006, the brand has been giving to the main film festivals, those international events standing out for elegance, style and importance.

On the other side, the sponsorship of the Nobel Peace Hall is a further example of the strong, well established bond that exists between Fiat and Abruzzo, a collaboration that was set up at the very beginning of the aid measures, between various companies within the Group and the Civil Protection League to deal with the diverse needs that emerged after the earthquake in a timely and effective manner. In this sense Lancia's commitment to the Nobel Peace Hall represents a real contribution in restoring some normality to the lives of families affected by the disaster.

 Christian De Sica & Sofia Milos of CSI                Margherita Granbassi

In addition, in order to support, in practical terms, the G8 summit, which is being held at the moment in L'Aquila, the Fiat Group has placed an entire fleet of 221 vehicles at the Civil Protection League's disposal including cars, electric vehicles, off-road vehicles, commercial vehicles and buses that will be used for transporting the participants to the summit. The Delta Executive, the Lancia flagship that was recently chosen as the Official Car of the 9th World Summit for Nobel Peace Prizes is a symbol of this participation.

Without forgetting that the Lancia Delta has become the car of cinema stars. Since last year this model is the Official Car of the most prestigious film festivals sponsored by the brand: after its debut at the 65th Venice International Film Festival, a fleet of Deltas accompanied cinema starts on the red carpet in Rome, Barcelona, Milan and Turin. Also, recently the Lancia Delta was “recruited” for the new Columbia Sony Pictures action film "Angels and Demons". The relationship between the Delta and the cinema doesn't stop with the new Angels and Demons film. Just think of the exclusive saloon that has been launched internationally using the talents of an actor of the calibre of Richard Gere and a soundtrack composed by the Oscar winning Ennio Morricone.

Last night the original "Satis...Fiction Night" party took place at the Lancia Beach Club Riva in Fregene, one of the most exclusive and elegant clubs on the Rome coastline that is sponsored by the brand for the third consecutive year.

Hill Harper and Sofia Milos of CSI, Christian De Sica, Paolo Conticini, Stefano Ambrogi, Antonella Salvucci and Margherita Granbassi: just some of the many famous people who were invited to this prestigious event, all actors and guests at the "RomaFictionFest 2009", the festival dedicated to international television fiction supported by Lancia with a fleet of 50 cars that accompanied the stars on the Orange Carpet and also with a contribution to the "Serial" section of the Festival, the most representative part of the show.

A night of music and entertainment as alluded to by the title "Satis...Fiction Night" - joining the glamour, elegant and exclusive world of fiction with "satisfaction" understood as "knowing how to live" Lancia – that features as main character also an Ypsilon ECOCHIC in the stunning location of Fregene. This model, together with the Lancia Musa, makes up the new ECOCHIC range: cars with a dual fuel supply (LPG and petrol) that represent an innovative concept of "environmentally-friendly" cars because they are luxurious, yet accessible, spacious, but at the same time compact, lively but fuel efficient.

(July 10, 09)

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