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June 28, 2012

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Daimler Strengthens its Truck Business in Japan: Fuso and Nissan Cooperate on Light-Duty Trucks

Stuttgart/Kawasaki, Japan – Fuso is expanding its business with light-duty trucks in its core market Japan. Daimler’s Japanese commercial vehicles subsidiary and the Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. reached a MoU on the mutual supply of light-duty trucks. Basis for this agreement is the strategic partnership between Daimler AG and the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

“Today’s agreement employs synergies created within the framework of the strategic partnership between Daimler AG and Renault-Nissan”, says Fuso President Albert Kirchmann. “Through the exchange of products, we are generating even more attractive options for our customers. This also contributes to our growth strategy FUSO 2015, which aims to further increase customer satisfaction through the right products, dependable service and sales.”


The agreement seeks to use both manufacturers’ expertise to further strengthen business with light-duty trucks in Japan. Through economies of scale, the mutual supply of vehicles will help lower development and manufacturing costs. Moreover, efficiency and productivity will be enhanced significantly on both sides.



The arrangement provides for the Fuso Canter light-duty truck (5 tonnes GVW) to be supplied to Nissan. In return, Nissan will make the Atlas F24 light-duty truck (below 5 tonnes GVW) available to Fuso, which will consequently expand the Fuso product range in the future. Timing and scope of the mutual supply will be specified in a detailed agreement at a later time.

“In order to achieve the goals of our mid-term business plan, Nissan Power 88, we must expand our product portfolio and strengthen our light commercial vehicle business,” says Toshiyuki Shiga, COO of the Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. “The strategic partnership between Renault-Nissan and Daimler enables us to benefit from synergies and to directly apply the strengths of both companies. As a result, we can create products that exactly meet the expectations of our customers,” Shiga added.


Photos: Daimler

(June 29, 2012)

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