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May 2013















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Bekasi Indonesia GM Plant Opens

Dr. Budi Darmadi, Indonesia's director general for Leading Industry Based on High Technology and Marcos Purty, president director, GM Indonesia watch as Tim Lee, GM vice president, Global Manufacturing and president, International Operations rings a ceremonial gong marking the opening of the Bekasi Manufacturing Facility.

  • Plant makes Chevrolet Spin, a sub-compact multipurpose vehicle (MPV)

  • GM’s Bekasi plant will produce 40,000 vehicles a year

  • 58,000 square meter plant represents an investment of USD150 million

BEKASI, INDONESIA – Amidst the colorful textiles and inspirational music of a lively Indonesian celebration, General Motors (GM) today marked the opening of the Bekasi manufacturing facility. The first Chevrolet Spin was led off the production line by Dr. Budi Darmadi, Indonesia’s director general for Leading Industry Based on High Technology, Ministry of Industry and Tim Lee, GM vice president, Global Manufacturing and president, International Operations. Also marking the occasion was Marcos Purty, president director, GM Indonesia and Martin Apfel, GM Southeast Asia Operations president and U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia Scot Marciel.


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“Indonesia is one of General Motors’ fastest growing markets and we are big believers in build where we sell and source where we build,” said Tim Lee, GM vice president, Global Manufacturing and president, International Operations. “Last year, we saw a 17 percent growth in Indonesia compared with 2011. With the excitement around the launch of Chevrolet Spin, we are looking forward to continuing on this path of success.”



Located 16 km east of Jakarta, the 58,000 square meter Bekasi plant is fully-owned by General Motors Indonesia. Representing an investment of USD150 million, the facility employs 700 people.

Chevrolet Spin

The Chevrolet Spin is a global sub-compact, seven-seat MPV designed to offer space, refinement, flexibility and agility in a modern and muscular design. Chevrolet Spin also brings features that position itself ahead of its competitors such as bluetooth connection head unit, double-blower air conditioning system with an additional air outlet in the third row, six-speed automatic transmission with tiptronic technology, digital speedometer display and multi-information display, as well as three different engine variants: 1.2L, 1.5L, and 1.3L diesel. All of the features are first in the sub-compact MPV segment.

The 1.2L and 1.5L engines are fully equipped with Dual VVTi technology. The 1.3L diesel engine is equipped with a turbo charger which enables the car to have sufficient torque and power, yet produce evironmentally friendly low emissions like the gasoline variant.


Chevrolet Spin was introduced in September 2012 at the Indonesia International Motor Show.

Eighty percent of the Spins manufactured in Indonesia will stay in Indonesia, with the remainder exported to Thailand and the Philippines. The Bekasi facility can manufacture as many as 40,000 vehicles a year.

“Today’s opening is a special occasion for our 700 employees, 43 local auto-parts makers and 34 Indonesian Chevrolet dealers,” said Marcos Purty, president director, GM Indonesia.

At the launch event, Bekasi’s employees had their hand stamped in clay. The tiles will be installed on a permanent wall in the facility to mark the grand opening. Other special activities included snare drum performances, flag dance, a ribbon cutting and the music of a marching band. Once the formal speeches were completed, guests were taken on a tour of the plant’s production line.

On display at the event was a 1928 Chevrolet, marking GM’s tie to the predecessor to GM Indonesia, GM Java, founded in 1927. General Motors was the first car manufacturer in the Indonesia.

Photos: GM


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