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January / February 2015










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The new Audi TT Roadster and TTS Roadster – high-tech and emotion

Ingolstadt - A modern classic relaunched: Audi introduces the third generation of the TT Roadster and the second generation of the TTS Roadster. The open-topped two-seater fascinates with its puristic sports car character, distinctive design, excellent dynamics and groundbreaking technology. One highlight is the Audi virtual cockpit, the digital instrument cluster.

The Audi TT success story began in the mid-1990s with a roadster – the very first design model of the compact sports car had a lightweight soft top. The TT Roadster went into production in 1999; its successor debuted in 2007.



Audi now presents the third generation of the open-topped two-seater. The new TT Roadster and TTS Roadster boast a pronouncedly sporty character and groundbreaking technology. The puristically sporty character of the TT Roadster is immediately apparent when entering the vehicle. Open the doors and the Audi virtual cockpit – the fully digital instrument cluster – comes to life. It presents all information in brilliant, 3D graphics, from the optional navigation map to the large, central tachometer in the TTS Roadster.

Another innovation is the operating concept in the MMI. It supports free text search and natural speech control. The new open-topped two-seater from Audi is a driving machine: powerful, efficient, uncompromising. The handling is sporty. The Roadster turns eagerly into corners, guided by the sensitive and direct-ratio progressive steering.

The newly developed quattro permanent all-wheel drive unites driving pleasure and stability thanks to the electrohydraulic multi-plate clutch. It distributes the power optimally between the front and rear axles as a function of the driving situation, road properties and driver type.

The TT Roadster with the 2.0 TDI engine bears the “ultra” label. Its fuel consumption is just 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers (54.7 mpg). With CO2 emissions of just 114 grams per kilometer (183.5 g/mi), the TT Roadster sets a new benchmark in the sports car segment. The 2.0 TFSI engine in the TTS Roadster impresses with 228 kW (310 hp) of power and dramatic sound. The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) takes just 4.9 seconds – the new Audi TTS Roadster is an exhilarating sports car.

Photo: Audi




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