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March 2015









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The Renault KADJAR makes his showdown at the Geneva motor show

Geneva - The Renault Kadjar was revealed on February 2, but the wraps come off the new model completely at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The Swiss show provides the first detailed presentation of the Kadjar’s interior and introduces the specific X-Mod and Bose® versions of the model. The Kadjar stands out, too, as a particularly fuel-efficient crossover with the availability of two diesel versions with CO2 emissions amongst the segment’s very lowest, at 99g/km.

This compact crossover shakes up established thinking with a new, innovative approach to the segment, plus attractive styling. The Kadjar sees Renault extend its crossover line-up with a C-segment model that slots between Captur and Koleos in the range. In this fast-expanding market, the Kadjar is poised to help Renault to meet its ambitious international growth targets.


In 2016, it will also become the first Renault to be made in China which was the world’s leading automobile market. In 2014, total sales exceeded 22 million vehicles, 26 percent of which were crossovers.

Built on the shared Renault-Nissan CMF C/D platform, the Kadjar benefits from the Alliance’s expertise in the realm of crossovers. The Kadjar’s flowing, athletic lines mark a fresh take on crossover styling, while its sporty, refined interior is set off perfectly by the use of high quality materials and an equally high quality finish.

Packed with quality, modern equipment, the Kadjar ensures advanced connectivity with R-Link 2 and peace of mind thanks to the latest driving aids.

Available with either 4x2 or 4x4 transmission, the Kadjar invites drivers to get away from the crowd, yet its compact footprint (4.45m long x 1.84m wide) make it perfectly agile for use in built- up areas, as well. Powered by a range of Energy engines, the Kadjar combines driving enjoyment with low fuel consumption.

The Kadjar will go on sale early this summer in Europe as well as in numerous African and Mediterranean basin markets.

Photo: Renault

(March 4, 2015)


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