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Competencies: Core Production Processes

Given that the time consumed to assemble a car is somewhat between 15 to 25 hours according to Harbor and the hourly output is at a rate of 50-60 units,  it becomes obvious, that production processes within the automotive industry involve hundreds of people. While some 60-70% is directly involved in the value adding process a significant number is on the supporting side, as logistics, manufacturing engineering, quality assurance, maintenance, controlling and personnel. The sheer number of people involved and the complexity of the whole process always leaves potential for optimization.

  • Planning and support of launch processes

  • Comprehensive optimization of assembly lines

  • Increasing and stabilizing volume

  • Body in white optimization

  • Maintenance programs

  • Process and capacity optimization in paint shop

  • Assembly lines - Optimization of line supply and material handling

Optimization of the manufacturing areas needs a close orchestration of all involved plant functions

Early and intensive involvement of all plant functions as production, logistics, maintenance, quality and controlling is the key for a sustainable optimization of the manufacturing areas cost wise as well as quality wise


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