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Competencies: Supply Chain

The Automotive Value Chain is one of the most complex in the industries. The enormous number of parts per car delivered by many different suppliers plus the speed of production which often spits out a finished car every 60 seconds makes it a challenge to orchestrate all involved functions efficiently. Appropriate organizations, stable and standardized processes as well as a dedicated IT support are the preconditions to stay competitive and successful in business.

  • Supply chain assessment, design & transformation

  • Efficient supply chain modeling

  • Development and application of methods and tools covering all planning activities in the „early phase“

  • Implementation of „Lean Logistics / Lean Material“ principles

  • Planning and integration of logistics warehousing centers

  • Supplier development & qualification

  • Management of efficient supplier integration and supplier integration

Logistics processes typically bear the highest saving potentials because of their complexity

Supply chain optimization focuses on the efficient and sustainable optimization of all activities and processes concerning volume planning, controlling and scheduling, delivery, and line supply


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