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Overview PART 1
Worldwide Introductions
European Intros


Peugeot RC concept

The RC is a modern and passionate sporting 2 + 2 coupé, which under the effect of virtual duplication results in two cars distinguished only by the engine that powers them; petrol for the RC Spades and HDi diesel for the RC Diamonds. 

RC Diamonds

RC Spades

These two concept cars therefore have a shared architecture and shape, with a power train  in the central and transverse rear position.


  • The legendary car brand comes back to life after some 60 years
  • Market premiere of the new top-class German car set for autumn 2002
  • Maybach is a synonym for superior quality and peerless luxury
  • Saloons to be built individually according to customer requirements
  • State-of-the-art technology to be supplied by sister brand Mercedes-Benz
  • New Centre of Excellence to provide individual customer service
  • Cars to be produced at the DaimlerChrysler plant in Sindelfingen
When Suzuki introduced the Liana in 2001, the car represents an uncompromising union between intelligent packaging and excellent driving manners. Now, Suzuki has applied the Liana concept to the form of the sedan. The name "Liana" stands for "Life In A New Age".

Suzuki - Liana Concept

Ferrari 575M Maranello

The 575M Maranello is the maximum expression of a Ferrari front-engined berlinetta in terms of evolution and superlative technical and performance content. 

The launch marks a new achievement for one of the most successful architectures produced by Ferrari - the 12-cylinder, front-engined berlinetta.


GM - Concept M

Opel's dynamically styled design study 'Concept M' celebrates its world premiere at this year's Geneva Motor Show, giving visitors an insight into a new class of monocab van. At a height of 1.62 meters and with a wheelbase that, at 2630 mm, is 16 mm longer than that of the Astra station wagon, Concept M has an extremely spacious interior for four passengers.


The world debut of the CS1 Concept Car offers the public all over the world a first glimpse of the design philosophy which might characterise the exterior of a "small" BMW in future. The study takes up classical values and striking design features of the brand, interpreted anew in a young, innovative world: Orientated to the future and full of elegance all in one, light but very dynamic, as you would expect of a BMW.



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