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Geneva Auto Show 2001

People at the show  [1]  [2]  [3] 

Tomb Raider car with many Lara Crofts


Renault: Patrick LeQuement
Directeur du Design Industriel


Wolfgang Reitzle (Ford - Premier Automotive Group), Ralf Speth (PAG)  and Prof Indra (Opel) testing the Opel  Speedster.

The result is convincing: What a funny car!

Wolfgang Reitzle (Ford - Premier Automotive Group) and Prof. Indra (Opel) discussing the results of Reitzle's Speedster test-drive.


David Thursfield (Ford), Sergio Pininfarina, Martin Leach (Ford), Pininfarina Junior
Cooperating in the future to produce niche cars

Petri and Schoepf 



Audi: Klaus Hummert (QS Neckarsulm), Albert Mayer (QS Ingolstadt), 
Wilhelm Kirchberger


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