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Alfa Spider

The show marks the first world outing for the new Alfa Spider, now with a brand new look and a revised range of specifications and power units. The model has always evoked the satisfaction of travel with a sporty or elegant flavor and their appeal remains evergreen.

The front view of the car has changed with the incorporation, by Pininfarina, of certain present-day Alfa motifs. The shield, for example, is similar to that used on more recent models (to ensure continuity). Its upper edge follows the bonnet and then dives down to break the line of the bumper.

Alfa GT Coupe

The Alfa GT Coupé succeeds in packing the results of Alfa's superlative engineering heritage into a shape inspired by a sense of style and flair that could only be Italian. The stylists were also able to call on a great Alfa Romeo tradition that has brought us models that remain benchmarks for the category: the 1900, the Giulietta, the Giulia and the Alfetta.

Alfa GTV

The new Alfa GTV, also keeps its wedge shaped line enhanced by a shortened tail end that gives the car body a very aggressive look. It was also decided not to do away with the strongly raked windscreen and the accentuated shelf on the side panel that makes the model look more slender and dynamic. The much-lauded profiles of both sports cars have also been retained, including the high truncated tail end of the Alfa GTV and the narrow, slender rear of the Spider.

Fiat Project 350

Known in-house as the 'Project 350', the originality of this new model lies in its marriage of two conflicting motoring concepts. Handling and compact size on the one hand (it measures a little under four metres in length, 1.70 metres in width and 1.66 metres in height) - and all the modularity and versatility of a true MPV on the other.

This ability to meet diverse needs will make the model the new benchmark in the compact Multipurpose Vehicle market band: a fast-changing subsegment that the most prestigious manufacturers are queuing to enter and where Fiat is poised to play a starring role.

Fiat Project 169


The new model confirms Fiat's place at the leading edge of a segment it has always excelled in: from the first 600 to the 500, the 126, the Panda, the Cinquecento and the Seicento. Now the baton has been passed to the 'Project 169'.

The design of the new multipurpose compact car is cutting-edge and features distinct lines, simple clean-cut styling and great attention to detail. The distinctive-looking 'Project 169' immediately conveys a sense of freshness. Our stylists have added a touch of personality to this small, youthfully informal car by making it reassuringly bigger than you would expect. The mouldings and bars on certain versions even give the 'Project 169' the appearance of a small city SUV.

Fiat Simba Concept

The Fiat Simba is a revolutionary concept due to its original styling and versatility, a prototype that will open up new horizons in the minicar segment. It is the first example in Europe of an off-roader that is small yet able to combine the idea of roughing it with the comfort and performance of a conventional car.

The Fiat designers were able to delve into the great technical and design heritage Fiat has built up over decades and apply the skills of a company that has led the compact vehicle market for more than seventy years.

Fiat Marrakech

The name Marrakech conjures up a picture of desert dunes and also evokes an idea of holidays in the widest sense of the word: as an expression of pleasurable, carefree days where the fun is as much about getting there as arriving. Its compact shape makes you want to reach out and hug it. At just 3.57 metres long, 1.61 metres wide and 1.48 metres high with a wheelbase of 2.30 metres, it would not be difficult to imagine it threading its way through tiny streets. Its dune-buggy looks would be just as at home cavorting in the open air or on the beach of a smart resort on the Côte d'Azure.

Lancia Ypsilon

The 'Ypsilon' logo, designed by the Carrè Noir advertising agency is a natural extension of the Y motif yet also a metaphor for the new level of style and content achieved by the model compared to the previous Lancia Y. The lettering has been expanded from the individual letter used on the previous car (i.e. a Y) to the word denoting the Greek letter in cursive writing: Ypsilon. It is the car of choice for young trendsetters who want to stand out from the crowd and surround themselves with exclusive items that represent the best the market can offer in this particular category.

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