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International Motor Show 2001
Frankfurt, Germany
September 13  -  23, 2001

Renault Group
  • Nisan mm.e concept
  • Nissan Crossbow concept
  • Nissan Primera 5dr

Talisman introduces the Touch Design concept for an ideal relationship between man and machine. Through its shape and materials, each element must infer its function, suggest its use, be an invitation to touch.



  • Nissan mm.e Concept

The mm.e is a three-door hatchback and might be seen as a test for the Nissan Micra, which goes on sales in Japan beginning 2002 ands in Europe by the end of 2002.

  • Nissan Crossbow Concept

The crossbow demonstrates Nissan's committment to luxury 4WD vehicle. Seen as a study of the future Patrol, the concept presents high value interior and modern information technology on board.



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