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International Motor Show 2001
Frankfurt, Germany

Volkswagen Group
  • A2 update
  • Audi A4 Avant
  • Audi A4 Cabrio
  • A6 update
  • Seat Tango Roadster
  • Skoda Superb
  • Volkswagen Polo

Avantissimo: the name itself expresses the superlative element in this design study, which is a clear display of dynamism and luxury in a unique form. It has been given to a design study which, like the Avant concept itself, opens up a new dimension. Avant is the name for beautiful estate cars that reach equally high standards of dynamism and high-tech engineering.

  • Audi A2 update

The A2 will come out with updated interior features and fresh new colors, both for interior as well as for the exterior.

Audi A4 Avant: it has literally defined a new segment since 1996 and influenced the design trend of its decade. Its successful concept is best confirmed by the fact that it has been copied so frequently.

The uncompromising dynamism of the V6 engines, developing up to 162 kW (220 bhp), and the aluminium suspension, coupled with the elegant simplicity of Audi design and exclusive equipment will characterise the production version of the A4 Cabriolet.

  • Audi A6 update












Tango has been conceived as a genuine spider - open, minimalist, essential in every detail. It features expressive and innovative solutions based on a structure in which the chassis, body, passenger compartment, engine and structural elements merge to form a whole


  • Skoda Superb

Škoda Superb features a standard three-space body with a very smart, timeless, dynamic though slightly conservative design. Conception of both exterior and interior design bears typical Škoda features such as the typical radiator grille in a new, larger dimension, lower placed bumper moulding, luggage-compartment lid trailing edge giving a dynamic impression, or rear lights shaped with a delicate feeling for detail.


With its innovative technologies, striking design and dimensions, the fully galvanised bestseller sets new standards. Clearly larger dimensions (e.g. 154 mm longer, wheelbase extended by 53 mm) and a maximum level of quality, safety and comfort make the inimitable Polo the quality benchmark. For the launch, the Polo will be available with a 3-cylinder and a 4-cylinder petrol engine (47 kW/65 bhp and 55 kW/75 bhp) and with a 3-cylinder TDI (55 kW/75 bhp)


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