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 61st International Motor Show,
2005 Frankfurt,

BMW Z4 Coupe Concept

The BMW Z4 Coupé Concept Car


Presenting the BMW Z4 Coupé Concept Car, BMW is establishing new trends in terms of design, concepts, and technology. And with its performance truly outstanding in every respect, the Z4 Coupé Concept Car clearly bears out all the classic values of the BMW brand. Considering the consistently growing market for high-profile premium sports cars, finally, the decision to build such an emotional two-seater Sports Coupé as a regular production model is almost obvious.

All the Performance of a Thoroughbred Sports Car. The long and sleek engine compartment lid, the passenger compartment moved far to the rear, and the short overhangs front and rear impressively visualise all those classical attributes so typical of BMW: Within the engine bay lurks a longitudinally mounted straight-six conveying its power to the rear axle in the interest of supreme driving dynamics. In conjunction with the car’s long wheelbase and the centre of gravity visibly moved far to the rear, the Coupé right from the start creates the impression of a top-flight athlete urging forward with all his energy.

The Concept Car is powered by BMW’s new 3.0-litre straight-six developing maximum output of 195 kW/265 hp and peak torque of 315 Nm/232 lb-ft. Acceleration from 0–100 km/h is expected to take only about 5.7 seconds, with the car’s top speed ending at the 250 km/h (155 mph) mark applicable to BMW’s production models.

Equipped with the most advanced and sophisticated suspension control systems, Electrical Power Steering EPS, as well as a high-performance brake system, the Z4 Coupé Concept Car is able to use all its power safely and reliably.

The extremely stiff bodyshell, in turn, ensures driving dynamics of the highest standard, together with a level of above-average crash safety quite unusual in a sports car.

Contrasts, not Comprises: Dynamic also in Design: With its uncompromising technical features focusing on top-level performance, the Z4 Coupé clearly offers driving dynamics of the highest standard. And the car’s designers have been just as uncompromising in giving the car an unparalleled look of dynamic performance right from the start. Contrasts in the car’s design ensure an acute sense of supreme tension – and tension also creates and bears out dynamism in design.

The fascinating aesthetic look of the Z4 Coupé Concept Car is based on the highly expressive design language of the BMW Z4 Roadster. Indeed, the interplay of concave and convex surfaces merging in powerful and striking lines gives the body of the car not only unique character, but also a touch of clearly perceptible dynamism even at a standstill. The flowing roofline, in turn, characterises the BMW Z4 Coupé as a classic coupé with its centre of gravity moved at least visibly to the rear axle.

The recess in the middle of the roof, in turn, reinforces the sporting look and character of this classic coupé, the combination of these elements giving the car a touch of forward-oriented dynamism from every angle: The BMW Z4 Coupé is low, fast and, at the same time, elegant in its looks.

The glazed part of the passenger cell referred to by experts as the “greenhouse” visibly tapers out into the rear end, accentuating the rear wheel arches in a powerful and muscular look. The spoiler designed into the rear lid, in turn, ensures optimum aerodynamics and streamlining, with the third brake light integrated beneath the spoiler in the rear lid. A further effect of the spoiler and brake light is the additional emphasis they give to the sheer width of the car’s rear end.

The seam around the rear lid extends discreetly along the rear side windows, finally merging into the sill line of the car. As a result, the Z4 Coupé Concept Car retains the sporting look of its rear side windows with that characteristic Hofmeister “kick” also with the rear lid open. And beneath the rear lid, finally, the Z4 offers luggage capacity quite remarkable for a sports car of any calibre.

Exterior paintwork in Glacier Silver developed exclusively for the Concept Car gives this unique Coupé the silky-matt glossiness of a sculpture made of massive aluminium. Nineteen-inch aluminium wheels clearly revealing their three dimensions and finished intentionally in a dark colour contrasting with the paint of the car underline the highly focused and powerful expression conveyed by the Z4 Coupé. Made exclusively for this Concept Car, the wheels are a product of the most elaborate casting technology.

Dynamism for Your Senses: the Interior. Giving great attention – and, indeed, love – to detail, BMW’s colour and trim designers have created a unique interior tailored in every respect to the BMW Z4 Coupé Concept. The most modern materials in first-class quality are combined with one another exclusively for this Concept Car, offering features and highlights never seen before. Hence, the sophisticated interior points far into the future of interior design with all its potentials.

Like the exterior, the interior of the Z4 Coupé Concept uses contrasts instead of compromises to generate the sensation of dynamism and excitement. The use and combination of materials and colours harmonises the technical and sporting features of the exterior with soft and harmonious elements within the interior, thus creating a world of peacefulness and tranquillity.

Matt and glossy surfaces form intentional contrasts intermingling with the numerous solid aluminium units inside the car, extending the technical features and fortes of the Z4 Coupé visibly far into the interior. And at the same time soft, top-quality leather in warm brown colours exudes the feeling of being cocooned within this Ultimate Driving Machine. “Cold” high technology and “warm” osiness – in this case this is not a contradiction in terms, but rather a harmonious blend of supreme qualities.

Light and Dark Surfaces Interacting with One Another. Black and coloured surfaces clearly distinguish the various function levels from one another, the driver perceiving the black surfaces along the car’s upper sill line as a clear delineation from the exterior at the same time creating a feeling of pleasant safety.

The contrasts and brightness of the interior convey a clear signal of open-mindedness and grandeur. An expression of space further enhanced by the arrangement of colours on the dashboard and the interior trim.

High-Gloss and Woven Leather as Clear Signs of Tradition and Progress.

Silky high-gloss leather and classic, timeless woven leather form an intentional contrast to the almost silky Nubuk leather inside the car. The aluminium pedals and the footwells come complete with inserts made of robust burr leather. And we find the same combinations of top-quality materials within the luggage compartment and in the travel baggage integrated therein.

Aluminium – an Experience in Looks and Touch. Over and above sumptuous leather, the interior is characterised throughout by polished and brushed aluminium components in the trim around the door closing handle, with the rotary knob for the air conditioning, the pedals and the loading sill on the luggage compartment all milled out of one single block of aluminium. So that these massive aluminium components are a genuine experience not only in their looks, but also in their touch.

A Concept Car with a Good Potential for Entering the Market. Designed consistently for the sporting and ambitious driver and conceived for active motoring, the BMW Z4 Coupé Concept Study gives its occupants a direct feeling for the road combined with pure driving pleasure. At the same time the most advanced technologies on the drivetrain, suspension and safety system meet all the demands of even the most discerning coupé customer. And last but certainly not least, the Z4 Coupé Concept offers adequate space and all the motoring comfort and convenience even the enthusiastic aficionado of a thoroughbred sports car would not like to miss these days in a sporting two-seater of this calibre.

September 12,  2005


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