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2005 Greater Los
Angeles Auto Show

BMW H2R, Hydrogen Powered


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BMW has proven what the hydrogen car is capable of, setting 9 records for cars powered by a hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine. "Nine records marking the start into the hydrogen age. BMW technology has already come a long way. Now, together with politicians and the energy industry, we must turn our vision of sustained mobility into reality," stated Professor Burkhard Göschel, Board Member of the BMW Group, during the speed record trials in Miramas, France. Achieving this amazing success at the high-speed Miramas Proving Grounds, the BMW Group has clearly proven its conviction that hydrogen is able to replace conventional fuel without requiring the driver to compromise dynamic performance.

The 6-liter V12 engine develops an output of 285 horsepower. This engine propels the BMW prototype to 100 km/h (62 mph) in approximately 6 seconds and gives it a top speed of more than 186 mph, in excess of 300 km/h. Based on the gasoline engine featured in the BMW 760i, BMW's hydrogen combustion engine boasts advanced technologies such as BMW's fully variable VALVETRONIC valve drive.

The main modifications to the engine involve the fuel injection system adapted by BMW to the special attributes and requirements of hydrogen.

The H2R Record Car benefits from the results gained in series development of BMW's future hydrogen engine for the world's first premium sedan built for dual-mode operation.

BMW will launch a dual-mode version of the current 7 Series during the production cycle of the present model, thus introducing the first car of its kind able to run on both hydrogen and gasoline.

The H2R prototype set the following records shown here in terms of times measured and speed achieved:
time in sec speed in mph

  • Flying-start kilometer: 11.993 186.520

  • Flying-start mile: 19.999 180.014

  • Standing-start 1/8 mile: 9.937 45.285

  • Standing-start ¼ mile: 14.967 60.132

  • Standing-start ½ kilometer: 17.342 64.495

  • Standing-start mile: 36.850 97.693

  • Standing-start 10 miles: 221.773 162.328

  • Standing-start kilometer: 26.749 83.627

  • Standing-start 10 kilometers: 146.409 152.787

These results have been certified by the FIA. BMW works drivers Alfred Hilger, Jörg Weidinger and Günther Weber took turns at the wheel of the Record Car during their record-breaking session.

The BMW H2R Record Car was conceived, designed and developed by BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH, the legendary subsidiary of BMW AG. The expressive, purposeful exterior design was created by DesignworksUSA, the California-based strategic design consultancy owned by BMW Group. The name "H2R" stands for "Hydrogen Record Car".

BMW's motive in setting these records was not only to prove the power and performance of the hydrogen engine. In addition, the reliability and durability of the technology used clearly demonstrates BMW's leadership in developing the hydrogen engine to production standards.


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