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2006 Greater Los
Angeles Auto Show


500 Horsepower Super Coupe Arrives in US Showrooms This Spring

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The BMW M6 makes its North American debut today at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. It has been more than 15 years since the last M6 was available here. Like that car, the all-new M6 features a race-inspired drivetrain, which it shares with its M5 Sedan stable mate. With a 500 horsepower V10 engine and seven-speed Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG), the new M6 is capable of extraordinary performance – 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. It offers an unparalleled capability for a driver-tailored driving experience and the first use of a carbon fiber roof in a production vehicle, all wrapped within the stylish lines of the BMW 6 Series. The 2006 BMW M6 arrives in U.S. showrooms this spring with an MSRP of $96,795 including destination and handling.

Motorsport inspired drivetrain and suspension The new M6 features an F1 inspired, normally aspirated V10 engine. This 500 horsepower engine is capable of speeds in excess of 8,000 rpm. It is mated to the industry’s first seven-speed Sequential Manual Gearbox. Featuring Drivelogic, this SMG puts 11 different shift programs at the driver’s fingertips. The suspension features Electronic Damping Control (EDC) with three driver settings and infinite variability of firmness. This system has been tailored by BMW M to provide the right firmness when needed for spirited motoring while maintaining ride comfort for cruising. The M Variable Differential Lock enables the M6 to effectively put its considerable power to the ground, particularly on slippery surfaces and when accelerating out of corners. The Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system has also been tailored to include the M Dynamic Mode for those occasions when the driver wants to have a higher level of wheel slip without disengaging the system. Of course, in true BMW fashion, DSC may be switched off completely when desired.

Innovative weight saving The new M6 builds on the intelligent weight saving innovations already seen in the 6 Series, such as an aluminum front structure, sheet-molded compound trunk lid, and thermoplastic front fender. The M6 includes the first carbon-fiber roof in a production automobile. As with many of BMW’s intelligent weight saving innovations, this pays double benefits. In addition to saving weight overall, the lighter roof serves to lower the M6’s center of gravity, contributing to agility. The front and rear bumper supports are also made from carbon-fiber. The considerable front and rear cross-drilled disc brakes are of a compound design with an aluminum center hub which reduces unsprung weight for greater responsiveness.

Unique style offered with many exterior and interior choices The BMW M6 is based on the award-winning design of the BMW 6 Series. It adds subtle and functional touches such as a unique front air dam, which is designed to direct more airflow to the V10 engine as well as the front brakes. The rear air diffuser, flanked by the four round tailpipes which are characteristic of products from BMW M, is designed to reduce rear lift for greater stability at higher speeds. Other styling touches include the side gills in the front fenders, sculpted rocker panels, and M-style side mirrors. The palette of seven exterior colors includes four exclusive to BMW M – Silverstone II, Interlagos Blue, Sepang Bronze and Indianapolis Red. The tailored interior is offered with eight upholstery choices, which include five full-leather options, and a choice of three trim options.

Driver-tailored driving experience Like the new M5 Sedan, the M6 Coupe offers its driver the ability to tailor the driving experience. The driver can choose three engine output programs – P400, P500 and P500 Sport. Drivelogic puts 11 shift programs for the seven-speed SMG at the driver’s fingertips. Electronic Damping Control offers three levels of shock-absorber firmness – Normal, Comfort, and Sport. Even the DSC system offers a choice of standard and M Dynamic modes as well as the option of switching it off. These combine for a total of 279 settings. The M Drive feature allows the driver to custom-tailor each of these settings into one program, which can be instantly selected at the touch of the “M” button on the steering wheel.

As its predecessor did nearly two decades ago, the all-new BMW M6 combines the style of a BMW 6 Series Coupe with the best performance that the engineers at BMW M have to offer.

(4 January 2006)


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