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North American Auto Show 2001
Detroit, MI, U.S.A.
January 12 - January 20, 2001

General Motors

The Bengal is a car with "sensual elegance and versatility," said Dave Lyon, 31, Buick brand character chief designer. "We think this car will catch the attention of younger customers." 


Cadillac's 2001 concept car, the Vizón, slices boldly into the gap between sport utility vehicles and sport/performance wagons with sharp-edged Cadillac style.


The Chevrolet Borrego was already introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show


TerraCross is not simply another SUV, but is also a pick-up and a five-seat convertible - all in one highly efficient and versatile package.

  • Isuzu GBX  (Concept)

It’s a clean, tight reinterpretation of a small, sporty four-seater which reflects Oldsmobile’s great-looking “architectonic” house style geared toward a younger audience

  • Saturn VUE

The 2001 concept HUMMER H2 sport utility truck (SUT) is the next evolution of the HUMMER brand - a daring look at what this unstoppable sport utility truck might be like on the road and in the woods.











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