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69th International Geneva Auto-Salon Special

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De Tomaso unveils all-new MANGUSTA
With the launch of a new De Tomaso model, the famous Italian brand is put firmly at the forefront of driving enthusiasts’ minds. Two examples of this exciting grand tourer, including one featuring the latest Visteon technology, are on display on stand 2251.

Today’s Mangusta is a continuation of a revered name first introduced in 1967. The all-new Mangusta, like the 1960’s Mangusta, has a US-sourced Ford V8 engine. The engine offers dazzling performance combined with reliability, which is essential for a GT car in today’s increasingly demanding market. A superbly designed and crafted exterior and interior continue Mangusta’s focus on high quality.

De Tomaso Mangusta

De Tomaso all-new Mangusta


A key selling point is the car’s innovative three-position roof. It can be powered down entirely, used in the targa position, or completely closed with the centre roof section in place. Production of the Mangusta begins later this year. Sales will initially start in Europe, with United States sales beginning early next year. The price of the car, while not finalised yet, is targeted to be in the SFR 135,000 range, which is about $ 100,000.


Guara - A True Italian Performance Car
De Tomaso’s Guara offers potential buyers the opportunity to own a sports car truly tailored to them. And with no more than 50 Guaras being made each year, it will be a genuinely exclusive car.

Two models will be offered, in Coupe and Barchetta (open) form. Powered by a 320 bhp 4,6-litre engine, the Guara, weighing 1,200 kg (Coupe) or 1,050 kg (Barchetta), offers stunning performance in a nimble and sensibly-sized package. A six-speed transmission completes this lightweight performance package. Unlike many other super cars, however, Guara will offer the dependability that comes from using proven, reliable components.

De Tomaso Guara

De Tomaso Guara

Featuring double wishbone suspension and coil springs all around and anti-roll bars front and rear, Guara offers exceptional handling in a car that has already been referred to as a ‘racing car for the road’. Eighteen-inch magnesium wheels are fitted with Michelin MXX tires, to enhance Guara’s roadholding. And with short overhangs front and rear, it is easy to place this exciting sports car on the road.

All Guaras will be hand-assembled at De Tomaso’s Modena factory, drawing on a skilled workforce experienced in making specialist sports cars. Using a dedicated team of technicians, every Guara will be fitted to the driver’s requirements. Not only does this include the paint colour and type of interieur trim used, but also the driver’s position, which will be tailored to suit individual buyer.

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