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News of  January 02, 2001


Delphi to Become Battery Supplier To International Truck and Engine Corporation

FLINT, Mich. - Delphi Automotive Systems announced a five-year agreement to supply original equipment heavy-duty batteries as well as service batteries to International Truck and Engine Corporation and their extensive national service network consisting of nearly 1,000 dealer locations.  Delphi's Energy & Chassis division will supply batteries under International and Dynavolt(R) brand names.  The batteries will be made at Delphi's Olathe, Kan. and Anaheim, Calif. facilities.  The first shipment occurred in mid-December 2000.

"We're pleased to be the supplier of choice for International," said Guy Hachey, president, Delphi Energy & Chassis Systems.  "We have a proven track record of quality in our battery portfolio and look forward to providing solutions to International for years to come."

The International branded heavy-duty batteries are maintenance free and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved.  International branded heavy-duty batteries are designed to withstand the punishment of commercial applications.  These features translate into longer life and improved performance.  Some additional new features include work hardened calcium grids, steam treated high-density positive plates, flex rib cases and non-accessible venting system.

Leveraging its diverse technology portfolio, Delphi Automotive Systems is also manufacturing the Dynavolt(R) series of maintenance free batteries to aid International in competing in price sensitive market segments requiring mid-range performance and durability.

Select battery features were re-evaluated and performances competitively repositioned, resulting in a less costly maintenance free product. "Our expertise and experience in developing and supplying batteries has translated into producing applications for multiple industries, including heavy duty truck, automotive, marine, electric/hybrid vehicles, and standby battery energy storage systems," said Hachey.  "We will continue to strive to be the world leader in technology, performance, quality and durability as we look to meet the demands of the future."

(Jan. 2, 2001)

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