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News of  May 23, 2001


Innovative lightweight model on a 1114 km record-breaking journey

Audi A2 TDI well below standard fuel consumption

Frank Jendrek and the Audi A2 TDI

Photo: Audi

Ingolstadt - A car’s fuel consumption under standard test conditions is usually little more than a theoretical value. Now it has been shown, however, that a car can actually improve on this value in normal road conditions. In order to establish just how little fuel the world’s first five-door ”three-litre” car genuinely needs, the "Planetopia" programme broadcast by TV channel SAT1 despatched the Audi A2 1.2 TDI (45 kW/61 bhp, standard test consumption of 2.99 litres/100 km) on a journey such as never been tackled before. 

Of the 700 people who applied to take part, two were chosen and invited to drive the car as economically as possible from the Dutch town of Scheveningen to the foot of a glacier in the Tyrol. The two amateur contenders, Inge Sternath and Frank Jendrek, were up against a fuel-saving expert Gerhard Plattner, who was at the wheel of a more powerful Audi A2 1.4 TDI (55 kW/75 bhp, standard-test fuel consumption 4.3 l/100 km). All three cars were absolute production models, the only addition being a special computer to register the fuel consumption with extreme accuracy.

The result after completing this 1114 kilometre run from the North Sea coast to the edge of an Alpine glacier: Frank Jendrek averaged just 2.40, Inge Sternath 2.44 and Gerhard Plattner 3.29 litres per 100 kilometres. Converting these figures into percentage improvements on the standard-test fuel consumption actually makes Plattner, an old hand at economical driving, the winner. He improved on the test figure by 24 percent, his amateur challengers by 20 and 17 percent. 

(May 16, 2001)

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