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News of  February 06, 2002


smart crossblade: smart innovations as an expression of freedom and independence

smart crossblade

Photo: MCC

Renningen - Just a year after the presentation at the international Automobilsalon in Geneva as a show car, Micro Compact Car smart GmbH will present the smart crossblade, there, as a production car. This open two-seater car is renewed proof of the innovative power of the smart brand and its cars. A maximum of 2,000 will be produced in the next few years, and they will be numbered consecutively in order to emphasize their exclusiveness.

Andreas Renschler, chairman of the management board at MCC smart, says that "The fact that we have developed the smart crossblade within a year is further proof of the potential of our vehicle concept and at the same time it is a further step towards extending our product range. This is powerful proof of the strength of the smart brand, which, in addition to functionality places the emphasis on innovation, and also very much on joie de vivre in the case of the smart crossblade. After the almost euphoric reactions at last year's Automobilsalon in Geneva we have decided to offer this car to our customers".

The smart crossblade is equipped with the SUPREX turbo engine familiar from the smart city-coupé and smart cabrio with a power output which has been electronically increased to 52 kW (70 hp). The top speed is electronically limited to 135 km/h, and the maximum torque is 100 Newton metres. The 195/40 R16 tyres on the front axle and the 215/35 R16 tyres on the rear axle are mounted on light-alloy rims with a three-spoke design.

According to Philipp Schiemer, Marketing & Sales director at MCC smart: "The smart crossblade targets an exclusive clientele who attach great importance to personal freedom and independence. The open two-seater gives these customers a vehicle which expresses this outlook on life like no other product. No other manufacturer of production cars has a comparable competitor to the smart crossblade, which has the features of a buggy of bygone days, in their portfolio, making it unique."

The unconventional car has neither a roof, doors, nor a conventional windscreen. Crossblade drivers sit under the open sky, and a narrow, transparent wind deflector is all that stands in front of the cockpit area. The TRIDION safety cell, which is reinforced with numerous high-strength panels, has sturdy steel safety bars at the sides instead of doors.

In addition to reinforcements in the floor, and A and B-pillars, the integrated roll bar also gives the car the desired flexural strength and torsional rigidity. This means that the smart crossblade has almost the same demanding safety engineering as the Cabrio and the City-Coupé. In addition to this the sporty two-seater is equipped with the restraint system familiar from these cars, which includes full-size airbags for driver and passenger in addition to belt tensioners and belt-force limiters.

The TRIDION safety cell of the smart crossblade is clad with matt titanium plastic parts in the area of the roll bar, the B-pillar and the door sills. The bodypanels are presented in exclusive, gleaming jet black. The instrument panel and seat covers made of water-repellent, fire-red plastic are distinctive features in the interior. The steering wheel and gearshift knob are finished in black leather.

Dr. Helmut Wawra, Development & Design director at MCC smart says that "The smart crossblade deliberately does without all protections against wind and weather. This car with its reduction to essentials focuses on blue skies and high spirits. It's like a motorcycle on four wheels".

The smart crossblade will be available from June 2002 and will be offered for sale throughout Europe at a standard net price of 21,000 euro. The car can be ordered from smart Centers from March 5th.

(Feb. 04, 2002)

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