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News of  March 06, 2002


The New Ford Fusion: Urban Confidence

Ford Fusion with Martin Leach

Photo: Ford

"Fusion is purpose-designed to help young, modern, urban-minded families get the best out of the city. Inside, it's people-focused, spacious and practical, with higher seating for greater visibility. Outside, Fusion's tough on-road presence is confident and protective, compact and manoeuvrable." Martin Leach. Vice President - Product Development Ford of Europe

Ford Fusion is the latest addition to Ford's new generation of small cars. Fusion distils the best aspects of small hatchbacks, MPVs and SUVs to become what Ford is calling an "Urban Activity Vehicle."

Fusion offers generous, family-sized space with a small-car footprint; a rugged, individual style offering protectiveness outside with comfort and convenience inside.

Fusion stands out from other small cars with its higher, command-post driving position for all-around visibility, practicality and affordability.

Fusion offers the urban family a safe, secure and confident environment, with a choice of fuel-efficient powertrains: Ford's TDCi common-rail turbodiesel offering 68 PS and 160 Nm of torque, or Ford's Duratec 16V petrol engines, available as either a 1.4-litre, 80PS, or a 1.6-litre, 100-PS variant.

GENEVA - It's easier to manoeuvre the new Ford Fusion into a tight city parking space than it is, perhaps at first sight, to define the ruggedly stylish next product in Ford's new generation of small cars. Fusion makes its public debut at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show as the momentum of Ford's product-led resurgence builds.

Ford Fusion is a different car. It bridges conventional vehicle segments and small-car stereotypes, creating its own niche as the first 'Urban Activity Vehicle' (UAV). Its introduction provides further proof of Ford's commitment to leadership in the small car market, with a mix of mainstream and niche products. "Fusion is the second derivative from our new small car architecture and illustrates how we have engineered it to accommodate a spectrum of user lifestyles," said Philip Maguire, Ford of Europe's vehicle line director for small cars. "This new vehicle reflects the growing diversity and changing expectations of our urban customers. It takes strengths that are typically associated with other vehicle classes and combines them into a single small car product." Fusion has its own unique presence - urban confidence. Family-sized interior space with a small-car footprint. A rugged protectiveness outside with comfort and convenience inside. A commanding driving position for reassuring all-around visibility but with the agility and economy of a small car. Fusion's modern, individual style and generous interior space can fit with many different lifestyles and customer requirements, but Ford expects it to appeal especially to young urban families - mainly with children - who are looking for a smart, tailored answer to their complex transport needs.

Powering real-world fuel economy

The all-new Ford Fusion features three contemporary engine choices. "The Fusion engine range includes the latest common-rail diesel engine technology and two petrol engine choices, all designed to deliver real-world fuel economy to customers," said David Myers, Fusion powertrain manager.

Fusion engine choices include:

The compact, lightweight 1.4-litre Duratorq TDCi aluminium turbodiesel engine features new-generation common-rail injection technology. It achieves peak horsepower of 68 PS and 160 Nm of torque. This drive-by-wire common-rail diesel is engineered for driveability, economy and new levels of diesel engine refinement. Duratec 16V, the double-overhead cam petrol engine with variants featured in the Ford Focus and the new Ford Fiesta, is offered in two configurations - an 80-PS 1.4-litre, and a 100-PS 1.6-litre variant. Both engines also are equipped with a precision electronic throttle, for responsive and economical performance.

(March 5, 2002)

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