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News of May 16, 2002


Demand for BMW and MINI still high 19% increase in sales up to end of April

Munich - The BMW Group has been able to sell 355,303 cars this year up to the end of April. This in an increase of 19.3% compared with the same period last year (297,807 vehicles). The BMW brand increased deliveries in the first four months of the year by 6.2% to 316,336 units (prev.yr. 297,807). The MINI brand contributed to the sales success by selling 38,967 units.

With worldwide sales of 94,827 cars in April, the BMW Group surpassed the results of the same month last year (76,029 units) by a massive 24.7%. The contribution that BMW brand vehicles have made to this outstanding result is a 9.9% increase to 83,552 units (prev.yr. 76,029). 11,275 MINI vehicles were delivered to customers in April.

Dr. Michael Ganal, the member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Sales and Marketing, commented: "Against the background of this generally very satisfactory development, two facts should be emphasized in particular: The growth is based upon our success on all major markets worldwide. The MINI brand is establishing itself as a premium brand and, in addition, has been successfully launched in the USA as the first automobile of this size."

Once again, almost all markets contributed to this outstanding sales results. Western Europe, for example, showed an increase of 19.8% in the first four months. 223,518 vehicles were delivered to customers here. The highest growth rates were registered in the United Kingdom, which showed an increase of 53.9% to 45,444 cars delivered, Switzerland, with plus 26.8% to 5,951 units, France (plus 29.2% to 14,556 units), Spain (plus 25.4% to 11,754 units) and Italy (plus 25.2% to 21,259 units). In Germany, 8.7% more vehicles were sold in the corresponding period (92,216 units).

Sales in the North American market are also clearly rising, with an increase of 17.7% to 83,071 vehicles sold. In the USA, the growth rate up to the end of April was 17.4% to 78,386 vehicles, and in Canada, the increase reached 22.8% to 4,685 units.

Leading the growth in sales in Asia, where total sales up to the end of April increased by 14.2% to 22,090 cars delivered, are the Philippines (plus 126.8% to 288 units). Further highlights in Asia: South Korea (plus 53% to 1,242 units), China (plus 27% to 2412 units) and Thailand (plus 23.3% to 1,326 units).

The motorcycles segment also showed growth in double figures in the first four months of 2002, with an increase in sales of 14% to 35,998 units (prev.yr. 31,559), broken down into 33,538 BMW motorcycles and 2,460 BMW C1s.

(May 10, 2002)

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