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March 02, 2005
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New Hummer H3 Arrives In Europe

European premiere signals HUMMER's growing international presence

  • Authentic HUMMER in midsize package 

  • First with 5-cylinder gasoline engine, diesel engine available at later date 

  • Market launch in Europe in the second half of 2005

Geneva, Switzerland - At the 75th Geneva Motor Show, General Motors presented the HUMMER H3 as a next and important step to making HUMMER a global brand. Beginning with the European launch of the all-new 2006 H3 in the second half of 2005, HUMMER will undertake a series of marketing and product actions aimed at significantly growing its international presence.

HUMMER H3 is the fourth HUMMER product, following the H1, H2 and H2 SUT.

"HUMMER's iconic design and incredible off-road performance are recognized around the world," said Susan Docherty, HUMMER general manager. "With the strong appeal of our vehicles, and the all-new, midsize H3 on the horizon, we feel that international growth is the next logical step for HUMMER."

HUMMER H3 makes its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show this week. HUMMER H3 sales will begin in Europe in the second half of 2005. Initially, H3 will be offered to all markets in the same basic configuration with a 3.5L inline five-cylinder engine with an output of 220hp (163.9 kW) at 5600 rpm. However, as part of its growth plan, HUMMER will produce a global version of the H3 with added features and content specifically for markets outside North America. One specific product feature for international markets will be a diesel engine.

In addition, the brand is completing a plan to establish an exclusive European distribution network. When finalized, this will increase HUMMER's sales and service presence across Europe. HUMMER has achieved significant growth since the mid-2002 introduction of the H2, a large luxury SUV. HUMMER's global growth will certainly be fueled by the H3.

"As has been the case in North America, HUMMER's growth in global markets is being driven by the immediate recognition and strong appeal of HUMMER vehicles," Docherty said. "Given its midsize dimensions, the H3 is the HUMMER most well-suited for global markets. It delivers what HUMMER is famous for - iconic design and incredible off-road performance - in a vehicle that is also surprisingly comfortable, nimble and accessible."

To this point, HUMMER has focused its attention on establishing a strong presence in its home North American market. GM acquired the HUMMER brand in late 1999 in an innovative agreement with AM General, the manufacturer that originated the brand as a civilian version of the famed military vehicle. Since then, HUMMER has grown from a brand selling roughly 1,000 units per year in 2000 to more than 30,000 in 2003.

In 2003, GM began licensing a small number of retailers to conduct sales and service activities for HUMMER in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Interest in HUMMER has grown quickly, even in countries where there had been little demand for full-size SUVs. Approximately 1,600 HUMMER H2s were sold outside of North America in 2004. In mid-2004, GM launched a venture with Russian manufacturer Avtotor to assemble H2s for exclusive use in that market.

H3s will begin to be produced at GM's Shreveport, La., assembly plant in the U.S. and only in a North American configuration. Sales in North America begin in late spring.

Outside North America, the 2006 H3 will initially be available through current HUMMER international licensees in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. In the coming weeks and months, HUMMER will reveal more of its plans for global growth, including specific details on the planned additions to its distribution network.

(Mar 01, 2005)

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