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Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show 2001

Tokyo, October 17, 2001 ---Honda has established the global brand slogan of "The Power of Dreams" which identifies the corporate dedication to the continuous challenge to make dreams come true. Under this slogan, Honda has selected an exhibition theme of "FUN MAX! -- Take FUN to the MAX!" for the automotive presentation at the Show. The exhibit includes a wide variety of innovative vehicles.

In the motorcycle exhibition, the theme of "Have Wings?" has been set up to present the two worlds of sport motorcycles that epitomize the fun of riding and two-wheeled vehicles for city commuters' new style and enjoyable lifestyle.


Another characteristic Honda theme -- environmental and safety issues -- is also featured in the exhibit, which includes conceptual study models and presentations of state-of-the-art technological solutions for maximizing safety and minimizing the impact on the environment, while still retaining the spirit of fun and exhilaration connected with driving and riding.

Automobile Exhibit: 19 models, 21 vehicles

Honda will unveil highly advanced conceptual study models that combine the themes of driving pleasure, motor sports and the fun of being mobile. Presented in conjunction with innovative technologies and attractive prototypes, the vehicles on display create an aura of creativity and individualism.

At the Concept Stage, the highlights include:

DUALNOTE, a hybrid four-door mid-engined sports car that combines a 3.5-liter V6 engine with a motor assist mechanism in an innovative 4WD driveline

BULLDOG, a new style sports car, in which the convenience of an automobile and motorbikes are combined. Twin two-wheeled motorized commuter vehicles called e-DAX, are mounted within the BULLDOG. The saddles of these bikes fold forward to serve as rear seat backs of the BULLDOG.

UNIBOX, which creates a spacious cabin thanks to effective packaging with full module panels and a visible truss structure.

Model X, an active utility vehicle developed as a new "transportation space" that supports and enhances outdoor activities.

On the Sport Mind Stage, the center of the presentation is the Civic Type R and NSX Type R, both of which symbolize Honda's sporting spirit under its "Type R" emblem.

Honda Civic Type R

At the Space Magic Stage, the presentation includes the wic (What is a car?) that integrates a simplified design and rational and versatile interior concept for understated driving pleasure with style, and the SUU (Smart, Urban and Useful) that maximizes everyday operational ease by combining the maneuverability of a compact car and the space utility of a mini van.

On the Technology Stage, Honda's state-of-the-art technologies for the environment will be exhibited, such as the Civic Hybrid with an evolutionary version of the Honda IMA system, will be exhibited. Other leading and unique technologies for safety and automotive IT (Information Technology) also will be introduced.

The Motorsports Stage features Honda's motor racing activities around the world, underlined by the exhibition of its Formula One and CART racing cars.

Honda also displays the Odyssey Almas and the Life Almas, both with a seat-lifting mechanism designed for vehicles for the physically challenged.

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