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Honda: Bulldog Concept

When looking for new territory, BULLDOG-a search engine sport utility vehicle-is designed to get you there fast. Whether you are just going into town or planning a longer trip, this machine gives you access to all kinds of terrain.

It even has a motorcycle on board. BULLDOG runs with ease over all ground conditions, giving you limitless freedom to go wherever you want to go. BULLDOG-the sport-utility vehicle that makes searching the real world as easy as Net surfing.


Despite its considerable height, BULLDOG's wide-track "tall-boy" aerodynamic form is designed for excellent fuel economy and zestful driving. A 1.5-liter engine plus Honda's IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) hybrid drive system delivers high power and clean exhaust emissions.

BULLDOG features e-DAX, an electric fold-up motorcycle. e-DAX recharges when mounted in BULLDOG, and its seat becomes the rear seat's back. The car is equipped with data card CCD camera and 8-inch monitor system for real-time communication with the e-DAX. The interior leaves bare its pipe construction, creating a space with the accent on sport and recreation

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