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Mazda Motor Corporation

Mazda Motor Corporation based in Hiroshima, Japan manufactures a diverse line of passenger cars and commercial vehicles as one of the largest employers in western Japan (24,000 employees as of March 1998). Mazda carries the unique distinction as one of the only automakers featuring three types of engines: conventional gasoline-piston, diesel, and rotary.

In calendar year 1997, Mazda manufactured some 870,000 cars and trucks at its two production sites in Japan: Hiroshima and Hofu. In addition, Mazda cars were produced at the Michigan-based plant in the United States, AutoAlliance International Inc., managed cooperatively with Ford Motor Company.


Currently, Mazda cars and trucks are assembled in 15 other countries worldwide.

Mazda's Hiroshima manufacturing facility is one of the largest single-site automobile plants in the world with an annual production capacity of approximately 706,000*1 units.

Hofu plant I , opened in September 1982, can produce up to 230,000*1 vehicles a year; Hofu Plant1, a highly advanced production facility started in February 1992, is able to manufacture 163,000 units, respectively. All of Mazda's production facilities feature 'mixed-model' production capability.

Founded in 1920, Mazda began automobile production in 1931. As of the end of December 1997, cumulative total production in Japan exceeded 32 million units. In the United States, Mazda vehicle manufacturing began in September 1987 at AutoAlliance International, Inc. (then MMUC) in Flat Rock, Michigan. With a work force of about 3,100, this facility has an annual production capacity of approximately 240,000. *1

In 1995, Mazda and Ford Motor Company jointly established AutoAlliance (Thailand) Company Limited to make compact pickup trucks. Operations commenced in May 1998; these trucks will be sold in Thailand and selected export markets. Mazda exports products to 139 destinations around the world. Exports to the U.S. dates back to 1970, with over a quarter of a century full-scale export history to Europe. Cumulative total exports worldwide now exceed 18 million units. Wherever Mazda products are sold, the same guiding principle prevails: the customer always comes first. Some 5,000 Mazda dealerships abroad and some 2,300 service outlets in Japan maintain our high standards for customer service. Namely in Japan, Mazda, Mazda Anfini, Mazda Autozam and Ford*2 sales channels accomplish this goal.

Mazda's spirit of endeavor, independent vision, and sense of purpose makes it a formidable automotive competitor into the 21st century.


*1 Production capacity within regular working hours with two shifts.

*2 In July 1992, Mazda and Ford acquired equal equity interest in Autorama, Inc. which deals Ford models. Starting in April 1996, Anfini outlets were renamed Mazda Anfini; Eunos outlets were renamed Mazda Anfini, or in some cases, Mazda or Ford. Autorama Inc. became Ford Sales Japan. Autozam outlets were renamed Mazda Autozam starting in April 1998.

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