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Mazda: Relationship to the Ford Motor Company

1969 October
Japan Automatic Transmission Company (JATCO) is formed as a joint venture among Mazda, Ford and Nissan for automatic transmission manufacturing (since 1981 only Mazda and Nissan remain).

1971 December
Supply of Courier (B-Series based) pickup trucks to Ford begins.


1979 November
Ford and Mazda enter into a capital tie-up; Ford acquires a 25% equity stake in Mazda.

1980 March
Four-speed manual transaxles for passenger cars are supplied to Ford.

1982 October
Mazda markets Ford brand vehicles through the Autorama sales channel.

1987 June
Mazda, Ford and Matsushita form a new company, Japan Climate Systems, to produce automotive air conditioners and heating units.

1988 January
Mazda produces the Ford Probe at Mazda Motor Manufacturing (USA) Corporation (MMUC).

1990 September
Marketing of Ford-produced Mazda Navajo starts through Mazda's U.S. sales network.

1990 September
Mazda, Ford and Sanyo establish FMS Audio Sdn. Bhd. To manufacture automotive audio products in Malaysia (currently only Sanyo and Mazda remain).

1992 June
Mazda and Ford become equal partners in a joint venture named AutoAlliance International, Inc. (formerly MMUC).

1992 July
Mazda and Ford each buy equal equity interest in Autorama, Inc.

1993 June
Mazda purchases new compact pickup trucks from Ford for sales in Canada and the U.S.

1993 December
Mazda and Ford enter into a long-term strategic relationship to enhance competitive power.

1994 October
Cumulative transmission supply from Mazda to Ford exceeds 10 million units.

1995 November
Mazda and Ford jointly establish AutoAlliance (Thailand) Company Limited to manufacture pickup trucks in Thailand beginning in mid-1998.

1996 January
AutoAlliance (Thailand) Company Limited holds a stone-laying and site dedication ceremony.

1996 March
Ford-supplied Mazda 121 are introduced into major European markets.

1996 May
Mazda and Ford enter into a closer tie-up with Ford increasing its equity share from 25% to 33.4%.

1996 June
Henry D.G. Wallace is appointed president of Mazda Motor Corporation.

1997 January
Autrama Inc. becomes Ford Sales Japan. March Mazda and Ford agree to a synchronized product cycle plan and to communize platforms and powertrains progressively. November James E. Miller is appointed president of Mazda Motor Corporation.

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