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MINI History


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MINI Plant in Oxford, UK

The new MINI is being manufactured on one of the world's most modern and advanced production systems at the BMW Group plant at Oxford - the result of a £230 million investment programme at the factory.

BMW's new Oxford Plant

MINI Stars in  "The Italian Job"

MINI in "The Italian Job"

MINI, the 2003 North American Car of the Year, will join a stellar cast that includes Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Seth Green, Mos Def and Donald Sutherland, in Paramount Pictures’ film, “The Italian Job,” opening nationwide May 30th.


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MINI: MINI Introduction in Summer 2001

The new new MINI is 0.6 m longer, 0.1 m higher and the wheelbase is increased by 0.4 m compared to the old MINI. Is it now a bigger MINI or a smaller BMW? Definitely a smaller BMW!

This created far more space in the front part of the vehicle, and Issigonis achieved his ambitious goal of building a small family saloon with room for four adults. At the same time, he also succeeded in creating the first small saloon that could be driven like a sports car.


The MINI manufactured in
 Longbridge, UK

When Sir Alec Issigonis presented the MINI in 1959, it represented a true revolution in vehicle design. The original MINI was the first car to have a transverse front engine and the transmission underneath the engine.

With the rebirth of the legend, this concept has been transferred to the 21st century, authentically and consistently . The centre of gravity has been kept very low and the weight distributed so that 63% is on the front axle and 37% on the rear.

MINI presentation in Umbria, Italy

For the MINI Cooper and MINI One, this has two advantages: the front of the car applies sufficient weight to the road, which gives excellent traction, whilst the weight distribution between the front and rear axle, which is outstanding for a front-wheel drive vehicle, guarantees impressive drive qualities.

These qualities are then further enhanced by the torsionally rigid body, the multi-link rear suspension and the EHPAS steering.

The MINI brand in the BMW Group portfolio     

MINI is an independent brand within the BMW Group and, alongside BMW, forms the second major pillar within the BMW Group's premium brand strategy. The MINI brand allows the BMW Group to open up new purchaser groups that could only be reached with difficulty with the BMW brand, and thus to expand its market presence. With the MINI brand, the BMW Group has an attractive product in the small car sector, especially where customers expect a premium product which also has a strong emotional appeal.

The new MINI is a fully viable four-seater and presents in many respects the best technology that is possible today in this category, but on the other hand, many of its emotional aspects embody the characteristics even the genes of the original MINI. It encapsulates a love of life, provides a link between classes, nations and generations and is the opposite of a status symbol.



The new MINI: A car of public interest

The target group of the potential MINI buyers enjoy life in all its aspects, whether it’s work, family or leisure time. In addition, they value independence, and are spontaneous and creative. When they choose a car, they look for an individual style, want to actively have fun driving and feel good in their vehicle. But their car also has to be spacious and flexible enough to be able to meet their many leisure-time needs too. They are demanding when it comes to quality and are looking for high standards of technology.

It is expected that most purchasers will come from the younger target groups. One major purchaser group can essentially be regarded as being part of the “active consumer society”: under 35 years old, often single, frequently in creative professions, sophisticated and self-confident, happy working in the virtual economy.

The MINI Cooper and MINI One, which will be available for purchase from Summer 2001 onwards, will be sold through selected BMW Group dealers and will be displayed separately within the dealers' showrooms, apart from the BMW brand. The MINI Cooper S, with 115 kW and 163 hp will be launched at a later date.

The MINI brand products were mainly developed in the BMW Group's British offices by an international MINI project team. The MINI is produced in the BMW Group plant, located nearby Oxford, in the UK, applying the principles of BMW Group manufacture and BMW quality standards. MINI is sold worldwide as a global brand.

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