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Volkswagen : Bugatti

The Chateau St. Jean, Ettore Bugatti's home in Molsheim, France

The following picture series was taken during a visit of Ettore Bugatti's home in Molsheim, France.


Currently the Chateau is beeing renovated, or more accurate, completely refurbished. The main building is completely built up with all the elements of the original Chateau. The architect is the same one as of the Autostadt or   the new assembly building of Skoda in Mlada Boleslaw.

Entrance to Chateau

Renovation of the Chateau St. Jean    

The Chateau was ready in autumn 2000. It will serve as a representative reception for Bugatti customers. The side buildings were are knocked down and completely destroyed.

Unfortunately, especially the buildings surrounding the Chateau, provided their own charm.

Entrance from the street

 Right hand side building

We learned, that in the left side building, the horses were guarded and in the right side building some other animals lived.

side building   Tower of the left hand building

Assumed horses building

 Photo: Automotive Intelligence

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