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New organizational structure at Volvo Cars

Volvo Car Corporation is aligning its organizational structure in order to even better respond to customer demands. As part of this alignment, a Marketing and Business Development function has been created. In addition to the current global marketing department, this function will also be responsible for product strategy, design, parts and service and car lifecycle operations.

"Our mission is to incorporate customer needs and demands and to transform these into products and services. We are creating an organization with a more customer-focused function when it comes to engineering and production", says Tuve Johannesson, president of Volvo Car Corporation.


"It is becoming increasingly clear that a receptive attitude towards the market and the ability to comply quickly with customer requirements will be decisive factors for anyone looking to achieve success".

Dieter Laxy: As head of the new Marketing and Business Development function, Dieter Laxy was recruited to Volvo Cars during the summer. Dieter Laxy has a long experience from the automotive industry and will lead his new responsibility from Göteborg, Sweden.

As a consequence of the increased customer focus, an overview has been made of the Executive Management of Volvo Cars.

Sven Eckerstein: He will be concentrating on his duties as Deputy, in addition to leading the Human Resources staff function. 

Bodil Eriksson, head of Corporate Communications, will become a member of the Executive Management.

Luc Bracke, currently SVP Car Lifecycle Operations, will reinforce the Market Area Europe as president of Volvo Italia, with responsibility for the whole of the Latin region.

  • The Executive Management

From 1 October, the Executive Management of Volvo Cars will be as follows: 

  • Tuve Johannesson, President and CEO, 

  • Sven Eckerstein, Deputy CEO and head of Human Resources, 

  • Wolff Huber, head of Market Area Europe and International markets, 

  • Hans-Olov Olsson, head of Market Area North America, Australia and Japan, 

  • Dieter Laxy, head of Marketing and Business Development, 

  • Bodil Eriksson, head of Corporate Communications, 

  • Scott R. Stewart, CFO, 

  • Hans Gustavsson, head of Product and Process Engineering, 

  • Curt Germundsson, head of Manufacturing, 

  • Lars-Göran Moberg, head of Volvo Cars Components Corporation and 

  • Bertil Thorén, head of Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing.

The Executive Management will focus on strategic business development and execution.

  • The Operating Group

In order to respond to short-term issues at company management level, an Operating Group has been established, comprising

  • Tuve Johannesson, the company's president ,

  • Sven Eckerstein, Deputy, 

  • Curt Germundsson, head of Manufacturing, 

  • Dieter Laxy, head of Marketing and Business Development, and 

  • Scott R. Stewart, CFO.

(October 1, 1999)

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