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DaimlerChrysler: Maybach Manufacturing

The Maybach manufacturing facility Perfect Symbiosis between High-Tech Production and Skilled Craftsmanship

  • A major part of production is done by hand

  • The highest degree of precision - from body-in-white production to the initial test drive

  • Mercedes-Benz experience gives Maybach a head start in expertise


With the new Maybach, DaimlerChrysler is presenting a high-end luxury sedan that stands out through its unique space and comfort, exquisite quality, exclusive styling and the cutting-edge technology provided by its sister brand Mercedes-Benz. The special nature of this one-of-a-kind vehicle is greatly influenced by the extraordinary manner in which it is produced, as Maybach sedans are the result of an ideal combination of skilled craftsmanship and high-tech assembly at a specially equipped production plant.

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Covering 21,000 square meters, the Maybach manufacturing facility is an integral part of DaimlerChrysler's Sindelfingen plant, the world's most important production location for premium-class automobiles. In close proximity to the Center of Excellence, a select group of about 330 highly skilled professionals from the plant will begin producing an average of five of these automotive masterpieces per day in the fall of 2002. With their extensive experience and outstanding skills, these employees will ensure that the luxury sedans are absolutely perfect in every respect, fulfilling even the most demanding customer wishes.

The high-end luxury sedans are to be produced exclusively to order and - as another special distinction of the manufacturing facility - always in accordance with each customer's specific wishes and requirements. The extreme distinctiveness of each vehicle will require that many production steps, such as the construction of the vehicle interior and the paintwork, be conducted by hand. State-of-the-art production technology will then be used to further enhance the car's quality - thus creating a perfect symbiosis between high-tech production and skilled craftsmanship.

Offering an impressive example of the high degree of such craftsmanship are the more than 100 manually produced trim elements for the interior of the Maybach 62. The combination of exquisite types of leather - grand nappa, nappa and nubuk - and selected fine woods, such as finely grained ambiona, create a unique atmosphere. A veritable woodworking masterpiece is the three-part laminated trim strip, an automotive first. The strip is 563 centimeters long, 3.9 centimeters thick and 3.3 centimeters wide, and extends in an elegant sweep across the interior of the Maybach, from the instrument panel to the door trim. Around 20 steps are needed to attach the individual wood veneers - which are only about a millimeter thick - to the thin aluminum inserts. Altogether, 63 different steps are involved in the assembly of a single laminated trim strip.

The Maybach's Type 12 engine is also largely assembled by hand. With 405 kW/550 hp and 900 Nm of torque, it is not only the world's most powerful sedan engine, but also the one with the highest torque. The engine is assembled from about 750 individual parts at the DaimlerChrysler plant in Berlin-Marienfelde.

From body-in-white to final assembly in four weeks Due to the labor-intensive production methods, it takes just over four weeks to complete a single Maybach. The results speak for themselves, however, as each Maybach is a masterpiece with a perfect finish down to the last detail. What's more, each vehicle is essentially unique, since there are potentially some 2.2 million combinations of standard and optional features to choose from. Maybach customers therefore need not be concerned about a lack of choices when it comes to equipping their luxury sedans to match their individual tastes.

Before the vehicle is handed over to the customer - the moment of truth, as it were - the car is subjected to an extensive final checkup at the Maybach manufacturing facility. This consists of a functional test and a final check of the vehicle, followed by an initial test drive lasting several hours. Experienced inspectors apply their senses of sight, sound, smell and touch to identify even the smallest irregularities. In addition, they have access to state-of-the-art measuring and diagnostic equipment to help with any troubleshooting.

Thanks to the harmonious interaction of high-tech production and equipment and skilled craftsmanship, the Maybach manufacturing facility produces incomparable automobiles that open up a new chapter in the history of the high-end luxury sedans more than 60 years after the first Maybach era came to a close. At the same time, the new Maybach's production process reflects DaimlerChrysler's extraordinary expertise as the most innovative and longest-standing automobile manufacturer in the world.

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