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Mercedes-Benz CL-Class 2007

The new Mercedes-Benz CL-Class: The masterpiece among luxury coupés

In autumn 2006 Mercedes-Benz is launching the culmination of more than 50 years of coupé tradition with the new CL-Class. The new two-door model combines peerless exclusivity and charismatic design with trailblazing technology which no other car brand is able to offer.

The luxury coupé enters new dimensions in vehicle safety with PRE-SAFE® Brake, a unique system which automatically brakes the Coupé when a rear-end collision threatens. Standard equipment also includes Mercedes innovations such as an active ABC suspension (Active Body Control), the Intelligent Light System with five lighting functions and the anticipatory occupant protection system PRE-SAFE®.

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There is a choice of two powerful engines with eight or twelve cylinders.

These generate significantly more output and torque, while exhibiting an exemplary smoothness which lives up to the Mercedes heritage of superb motoring refinement.

The large Mercedes Coupés have been the epitome of elegance and exclusivity in automotive engineering for many decades.

They set standards in design and equipment, combining outstanding safety with the greatest comfort and a superior driving experience

Safety Features - Click image for larger view

In short, Mercedes Coupés are dream cars of a very special kind – automotive classics. The new CL-Class is yet another masterpiece by Mercedes-Benz. Just as this luxury coupé points the way into the future with its innovative technology, its design is a protagonist for a new aesthetic appearance – a new Mercedes style.




This is characterised by an interplay between taut, striking lines and large, tranquil surfaces. This design idiom lends the Coupé a very special presence, underlining the unruffled calm and strength of its unique character. Familiar Mercedes characteristics are reinterpreted and incorporated into the design concept to form a harmonious composition of tradition and modernity.

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Examples are the typical Mercedes radiator grille with its wide chrome louvres and the design of the C-pillar. This unique, slightly downwards-tapering pillar configuration is a typical feature of the large coupés whose roots go right back to the 1950s: in 1956 the Model 220 S/SE Coupé (model series W 180/W 128) first captured attention with such a C-pillar design, and a few years later it was further perfected in the succeeding model, the 220 SE Coupé (W 111/112). Other design features which were already acclaimed at that time have also been reinterpreted in the new CL-Class, keeping alive the great coupé tradition of the Mercedes-Benz brand: for example the fully retractable side windows, whose continuous aperture is not interrupted by a B-pillar, and the large, curving panoramic rear windscreen.

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In the early years this was a typical styling feature of Mercedes Coupés, and in its stylistically evolved form it is just as appealing as in the 220 SE Coupé of 1961.

Interior: appointments for even the most discerning

The same elegance is found in the interior: the large window aperture draws the eye to the stylish dashboard, exquisite wood trim and soft leather upholstery. It is immediately apparent that everything in the interior is designed for comfort and relaxation.

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The atmosphere is reminiscent of an exclusive club: take a seat and enjoy. There is a choice of five stylish colour combinations, while automatic climate control, COMAND with a car radio and CD/DVD player and a glass sliding sunroof are other standard equipment items which contribute to the uniquely comfortable driving experience.

In the top-of-the-line model CL 600, an interior in PASSION leather, specially selected poplar wood trim and an Alcantara roof liner with quilted seams contribute to a luxurious, first-class atmosphere which is also echoed by designo seats, chromed door sill panels and deep-pile floor mats with leather edging.

Compared with the outgoing model, the new Mercedes-Benz top-of-the-range coupé has grown slightly in every dimension. 5065 millimetres long, 1871 milli-metres wide and 1418 millimetres high, the body is 75 millimetres longer, 14 millimetres wider and 20 millimetres higher than before, providing even more comfort and space on all four seats. The boot capacity has been increased by 40 litres to 490 litres (VDA measuring method).

Control system: fewer switches for more functions

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A newly developed control system, which has already been successfully implemented in the S Class worldwide, refines driver-vehicle interaction even further. Its main advantage is that it provides convenient, rapid access to frequently used functions such as the radio, DVD player, car phone or navigation system. Depending on the driver's own preference, these systems can be controlled using switches in the centre console, pressing a button on the multifunction steering wheel or using the COMAND controller on the centre console. This central control element is linked to the large, pivoting COMAND colour display next to the instrument cluster, providing access to the user-friendly main and sub-menus that activate the various functions.

The standard automatic climate control with four independently adjustable temperature zones is also integrated into the new control system.

Active Body Control: superb combination of dynamism and comfort

First and foremost is the Active Body Control (ABC) suspension system, which in its latest, even more sophisticated guise delivers unprecedented handling dynamics while offering an equally appreciable improvement in ride comfort. Based on sensor signals and using specially designed hydraulic cylinders at the axles, ABC all but entirely eliminates the customary pitch and roll of the body that occur when moving off, cornering and braking. ABC responds with split-second speed to ensure the body damping is adjusted instantly to any situation. At speeds above 60 km/h, ABC lowers the body by up to ten millimetres in the "Sport" programme to reduce drag and improve handling stability.

Driver-support systems: radar sensors make parking child’s play

The newly developed parking guidance system (optional extra, available from December 2006) also works on the basis of radar technology: the sensors measure the length of a parking space when driving past and show on the cockpit display whether there is sufficient space to park. Once reverse gear is engaged, the display includes a symbolic representation of the parking manoeuvre; guide lines show the required steering angle and indicate the path into the parking space.

Engines: eight and twelve-cylinder powerplants with noticeably more power

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The new luxury Coupé is ready for any challenge on motorways and rural roads thanks to the most powerful Mercedes engines to date. The eight-cylinder powerplant in the CL 500 delivers 285 kW/388 hp and generates a maximum torque of 530 Newton metres from 2800 rpm. As such the newly developed engine outperforms the existing V8 unit by 26 percent in terms of output and 15 percent when it comes to torque.

Equipped with four-valve technology, variably adjustable shifting camshafts, a two-stage intake module and tumble flaps in the intake ducts, the new V8 is among the most advanced and powerful engines in its displacement class.

The CL 500 accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.4 seconds (previous model: 6.3 seconds)

An ultra-modern biturbo twelve-cylinder engine under the bonnet of the new CL 600 generates its impressive power. Mercedes engineers have enhanced numerous details of the power unit and, compared to the predecessor model, have increased output by 12 kW/17 hp to 380 kW/517 hp. The maximum torque, already on tap from 1900 rpm, has been improved further by 30 Newton metres to 830 Newton metres and remains constant up to 3500 rpm.

The new CL 600 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds (previous model: 4.8 seconds). And despite the significant performance boost the V12 engine consumes 0.4 litres less fuel than the previous CL 600 per 100 kilometres. Mercedes-Benz has combined the standard-fit automatic transmission with the new DIRECT SELECT gearshift: the driver can select the transmission settings “P”, “N”, “R” and “D” by nudging a lever on the steering column. Operating commands are transmitted electronically by wire.

September 18, 2007

 photos: Mercedes-Benz


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