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Jaguar : The Jaguar R Coupe


IRVINE, CA., September 5, 2001 - Jaguar will unveil its new R-Coupe Concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show on September 10, 2001. The four-seater luxury coupe is the first vehicle to explore and demonstrate the new design philosophy at Jaguar. Faithful to core Jaguar values from the past, the R-Coupe interprets them in modern form. The design team responsible for creating the R-Coupe was lead by Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar Cars Limited. According to Callum, "the R-Coupe demonstrates that you can maintain traditional Jaguar design values - proportions, stance and graphic cues - and create an advanced car around them.


Jaguar R Coupe
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The exterior of the R-Coupe looks engineered, not merely styled. Its integrity comes from strong, geometric forms such as the tubular fuselage - recalling that of the Jaguar E-Type. While Jaguar has no plans to produce the R-Coupe, themes and ideas embodied in its design will find their way into our future production cars."

Jaguar R Coupe
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The R-Coupe's proportions suggest power and movement, reminiscent of classic Jaguars. One of the key design objectives was to match the beautifully balanced proportions of the company's earlier cars. Equally fundamental to the character of a true Jaguar is the car's stance - the relationship between the road, the wheels and the body. The way the R-Coupe's cabin tucks down between the massive wheels conveys an appropriate impression of latent power.

Jaguar R Coupe
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Flowing lines over the structured forms, together with clean and simple surfaces contribute to the car's powerful, muscular presence. The R-Coupe's design detail is restrained and calculated to deliver a sense of movement. The side window trim subtly widens as it runs back, while the flowing waistline carries the eye along the length of the car - another Jaguar hallmark re-interpreted for the R-Coupe.

Jaguar R Coupe
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"The interior celebrates the warmth and richness of natural materials, to create a bold and harmonious cabin that is both cosy and advanced," says Julian Thomson, Chief Designer, Advanced Studio, Jaguar Cars Limited. Modern furniture and interior design inspired both the styling and choice of materials for the R-Coupe's luxurious cabin. Abundant wood and leather are used in novel ways and help create a highly tactile interior.

A broad sweep of ebony macassar wood veneer around the cabin is offset by generous quantities of naturally treated leather.

Soft, blonde Connolly hide on the seats contrasts with the deep brown saddle leather used elsewhere, including, unexpectedly, on the floor. The dashboard re-interprets traditional shapes in a clean and modern way, while the rich detail throughout the cabin is inspired by jewelery, watches and luxury luggage.

"In 2001, Jaguar launched its line of R Performance options, followed by the launch of our new compact sports sedan, the X-TYPE. The R-Coupe is a clear signal of Jaguar's intent to further enhance its performnce, design themes and sporting spirit," said Mike O'Driscoll, President of Aston Martin Jaguar Land Rover North America. "While there is no intention to bring this car to market, the R-Coupe demonstrates Jaguar's intention to continue to build on our sporting heritage."

Exterior features

  • Two-door coupe, reflecting Jaguar's new design philosophy

  • 'Pewter' exterior paintwork

  • Solid silver badges and silver-plated details, including grill surround, side glass trim and engraved trunk lid trim

  • Unique design, 10-spoke alloy wheels (285/30/R21)

  • Ultra low profile Continental tires, with unique 'Jaguar Cat Claw' tread pattern

  • Ventilated and cross-drilled brake discs all round, in 'Jaguar Cat Claw' design

  • Aluminum monobloc four-piston calipers

  • 'Adaptive front lighting system' Four pencil-beam xenon headlights

  • Outboard main beams with two-axis pivoting to follow steering direction

  • LED front indicators, with neutral appearance when not in operation

  • Rear lamp clusters, with "cat's ear" rear wing lens design

  • LED and halogen progressive brake light system

  • Individual, brushed aluminum precision housings

  • Quadruple tail pipes in machined aluminum

  • Dual silver-plated fuel filler caps, each with twin hatch doors

  • Electronic door release system

  • Dimensions (inches): 

    • Length - 193.8

    • Width - 74.4

    • Height - 53 Wheel base - 114.5

Interior features

  • Luxury, four-seat interior with full-length center console

  • Jewel-like instruments and switches, soft touch controls and silver-plated trim

  • 'Ebony macassar' wood veneer wrapped around the cabin

  • 'Blonde' Connolly leather on unique design seats and door trims

  • Deep brown ('conker') saddle leather on floor, dashboard and upper surface of center console

  • Aluminum floor insets

  • Three-spoke leather and anodized aluminum sports steering wheel

  • Column-mounted F1-style gear change, with silver-plated paddles

  • Chronograph-inspired instruments in individual, silver-plated binnacles

  • Black dials and silver graphics, with amber illumination

  • 'Control management center' with interactive LCD screen for access to ICE controls, climate control, telephone, navigation, TV, e-mail and internet

  • Voice activation to complement the LCD screen

  • Full-width dashboard air vent

  • Twin switch packs in the center console, with silver-plated detail

  • Integrated flask and cigar lighter

  • Switch design inspired by contemporary jewelry

  • Door and rear quarter stowage units, inspired by luxury luggage and finished in leather and silver-plate

  • Three-quarter width dashboard glove box

  • Ambient footwell lighting

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