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General Motors: Cadillac XLR 2003

New Cadillac Two Seat Roadster Named The XLR

DETROIT, U.S.A. - The Cadillac Evoq, which debuted in 1999 at the Detroit Auto Show as the "Art and Science" design direction for the luxury automaker, will become reality as the Cadillac "XLR". The XLR will offer dramatic styling and many innovative technologies.

The new luxury roadster, will feature the first application of a higher output 4.6 liter Northstar engine in a rear-wheel-drive chassis layout. Additionally, an electronic five-speed automatic transmission, in a trans-axle configuration, will be standard equipment on the XLR.

This new Cadillac was developed on the next generation of GM's performance car architecture, designed specifically for convertibles.

 "GM's recently patented performance car body structure is ideal for open air two-seaters," said David Hill, performance cars vehicle line executive. "With advanced steel hydroformed side rails and an aluminum cockpit structure, the XLR will be class leading in structural efficiency, ride quality and agility."

The XLR also features technologies developed with some of the world's best suppliers. Car Top Systems GmbH of Germany developed the fully automatic retractable hardtop. Car Top Systems has also designed roof architectures for some of the most celebrated convertibles in the world. The XLR will provide customers with the driving enjoyment of a roadster, as well as all of the comfort and additional security of a coupe.

Michelin's revolutionary run-flat PAX System will be featured on the XLR. This system offers significantly enhanced vehicle control, should a consumer encounter a loss of air pressure. "Even if there is a puncture in one or more of the tires, the vehicle remains driveable." said Jay Spenchian, Cadillac XLR and CTS brand manager.

"The Michelin PAX System achieves a new standard of ride and handling, while offering the security and convenience of run-flat mobility." The 2003 Cadillac XLR will be produced on a dedicated assembly line at General Motors' Bowling Green Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

all photos: General Motors

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