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News of  April 18, 2000


Chrysler PT Cruiser Mania Heads for Europe
Auburn Hills, Mich. - European customers eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Chrysler PT Cruiser need only wait a few more days. The first 450 Chrysler PT Cruisers headed for Europe were loaded on a ship today at the port of Veracruz, Mexico.




Chrysler PT Cruiser

Photo: DaimlerChrysler

Built at the Toluca Assembly Plant in Mexico, the Chrysler PT Cruisers are the first DaimlerChrysler vehicles to be shipped from the port at Veracruz, a new export facility for the company which will reduce transit time to Europe from 27 to 21 days. Previously, vehicles built in Mexico bound for Europe went by train to Baltimore and were then transported via ship to markets around the world.

"Veracruz is the second largest export facility for DaimlerChrysler in North America, " said Ed Krajca, Director of International Supply and Customs. "By shipping vehicles directly from Veracruz, we can get vehicles into the hands of our international customers much faster."

Vessels will make four trips per week from Mexico to Europe with an average of 400-500 vehicles per shipment. By December 2000, about 18,000 of the PT Cruisers built at Toluca will be sent to Europe with another 5,000 vehicles headed for markets around the world later this year.

"Working with and through the Veracruz Port Authority, DaimlerChrysler's cross-functional teams and other members of the external extended enterprise system, DaimlerChrysler has created a well-tuned machine for export operations out of Verzcruz," said Jon Dostal, International Vehicle Logistics Manager.

The arrival of the Chrysler PT Cruiser in European dealerships leads the way for significant growth in DaimlerChrysler's passenger car business in Europe following the launch of the 300M in 1998 and the new Neon in 1999. These three vehicles, plus the new Chrysler Sebring which goes on sale later this year and was just unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, give the brand a completely redesigned passenger car range that is less than three years old.

The segment-busting Chrysler PT Cruiser has a uniquely American style, yet provides the practicality and spaciousness of an MPV. The five-door PT Cruiser is an all-new proposition for the European customer who demands individuality and functionality in equal measure.

(April 13, 2000) 


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