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EDAG: Keinath GT/C Convertible

EDAG Engineering + Design AG presents the Keinath Convertible "Keinath GT/C Cabriolet" at the 2002 Geneva International Motor Show

The world premiere of the new "Keinath GT/C Cabriolet" at the 2002 International Motor Show in Geneva will add another highlight to the world of exclusive sports cars. Exactly one year after the premiere of the Keinath GT/C the designers of EDAG Engineering + Design AG exhibit the convertible version of their successful coupe.

Keinath GT/C Convertible

Keinath Coupe GT/C
Click image for larger view  Keinath GT/C Cabriolet

The design team of Johannes Barckmann already envisioned the convertible version during the conception and design process of the "Keinath GT/C". We wanted to transfer the look of the GT/C completely", explained Barckmann the objective target of his team.

"We did not want to make any formal compromises during the conversion." So the GT/C-Fan will find certain elements he became fond of such as the discreetly rolling side-view, the muscles above the wheel arches, the ferocious looking headlights or the bull-like rear unchanged.

Johannes Barckmann (Design), Mr. Keinath (Head of Keinath Automobilbau) and Mr E. Vollmer, Chairman of the Executive Board (from left to right)

Photo: Automotive Intelligence

Formal areas such as the attached passenger area of the Coupé made a problem-free conversion into the convertible version possible - without any stylistic conversion mistakes.The convertible top compartment allows for an absolutely positive-fit of the convertible top and underscores the beautiful side-view of the GT/C Convertible, which melts together classical and modern sports car history.

By sheer simplicity the Keinath Convertible is a true winner

No overroll bars, no unnecessary seams between the car body and the convertible top compartment interrupt the clear design of the Keinath Convertible. "Visible, clear, simple" were the leading central themes of the EDAG-Design-Teams. When closed the two-seater convertible has a soft top, which was given preference over a modern folding top in order to maintain the harmonious unity together with the classical character of the vehicle. Storage compartment behind the front seats offers additional possibilities for luggage storage.

Even the technical data fully and totally meets the demands that the sporty design promises: Already in the basic version the new Keinath Convertible is equipped with a 218 HP 6-cylinder aggregate, which accelerates the Keinath weighing only 1.300 Kilograms in 6,3 seconds to 100 km/h . 3,2 litre displacement and a sporty 5-gear transmission offer enough power and potential for a sportive driving experience with lots of fun.

For the more ambitious drivers a V8-aggregate with 340 HP is alternatively available. The chassis developed by Horst Keinath for the Coupé offers also for the convertible version enough rigidity and security for the operation on the roads.

Keinath Coupe GT/C
Click image for larger view Keinath GT/C Cabriolet

Horst Keinath (Keinath Automobilbau GmbH, Reutlingen-Germany) assigned the design of the Exterior of the Keinath GT/C to the Designers of EDAG Engineering + Design AG. With yet another premiere of a vehicle from the company EDAG, the development company impressively portrays its competence in the areas of design and model creation.

Johannes Barckmann, director of the EDAG Design-Studios, explains: "For obvious reasons of secrecy only the customer is given access by EDAG to information regarding current projects in car design. Any presentation of future models is rightfully reserved for the automobile industry. Since 1989 EDAG designers have been involved in the development of (inter-) national design projects for interior and exterior concepts for the automobile industry. " The design of the exterior of the Keinath Coupé and the Keinath Convertible was an especially attractive project for us, because it provided us with the opportunity to develop and implement a complete design strategy together with the customer" says Barckmann. The Keinath GT/C Convertible provided EDAG with yet another opportunity to demonstrate their capability in design projects among the well-known Design-Companies in Europe. Creative and market-ready design solutions from Germany: Design : EDAG

Photo: EDAG/Automotive Intelligence

Feb 27, 2002

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