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IVM Automotive: Baur G-Cabrio XL


IVM-Automotive presents the Baur G-Cabrio XL at the Geneva auto show 2002

Off-road cars are hot! The Detroit Motor Show in January 2002 proved it once again, that off-roads, crossovers and leisure cars represent a future trend. No surprise, that IVM Automotive, a German based engineering company, decided to develop its own view on a "German touch" off-road vehicle.

Baur G-Cabrio
Click image for larger view

The result is the Baur G-Cabrio XL, a convertible based on the Mercedes-Benz G-class and manufactured by Baur Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbau, IVM's own body and assembly works. Probably not by accident the G-class was chosen, because the G-class - originally not produced by Mercedes-Benz, but by a contractor company Magna Steyr in Austria- is experiencing a renaissance in the US.

The Baur G-Cabrio XL is a long wheel based version and 440 mm longer than the original G-class long version with a total length of 5,147 mm. The vehicle was added with additional comfort, like the memory functions for the front seats. In order to enhance the off road capabilities, the body was stiffened at the C-post. The rear is covered by a soft-top.

Baur G-Cabrio
Click image for larger view

Baur G-Cabrio
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The car, which can be ordered at Baur, will be on show in Geneva in March 2002.

March 08, 2002

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