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News of  January 10, 2001


A successful year 2000 - Audi sales figures at a new record level

Ingolstadt, Germany - Last year Audi sold more vehicles than ever before in the companyís history. Sales worldwide rose by around 3 percent to more than 650,000 units compared with the previous year. Audiís export share amounted to more than 63 percent (1999: 59.4 percent).

Exports to overseas markets accounted for a higher percentage of sales in 2000.

In the USA, Audiís most important export market, sales climbed to more than 80,000 units (up about 22 percent compared with 1999). This is the highest figure Audi has ever achieved in the United States. Audi sold approximately 7,000 vehicles in Japan, over 6 percent more than in the previous year. Sales in the other overseas markets increased by nearly 52 percent to more than 65,000 units. Business in China is going particularly well: around 18,000 units, about 17,000 of which were the locally produced Audi A6, were sold on this market, over 11,000 more than in 1999.

The car market in Germany declined overall by around 11 percent in the year 2000. Audi sold just under 240,000 vehicles here. Despite the launch of the new volume A4 model, this figure is only approximately 7 percent below the previous yearís level. Audi has increased its market share to an estimated 7 percent

(1999: 6.8 percent). In Western Europe (excluding Germany) Audi sales totalled around 261,000 units, which approximately matches the previous yearís level.

(8 Jan. 2001)

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