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News of  July 04, 2001


EPCOS/SIA Electronics Innovation Award for Valeo and Renault

Paris - The Valeo and Renault keyless entry system, now available on all Renault Laguna II models, has received the EPCOS/SIA (Electronic Parts and Components/Société des Ingénieurs Automobile) Award in the 'Life on Board' category. The trophy was presented to Valeo and Renault representatives who attended the SIA's annual reception in Paris, France, last week.

A panel of motor industry journalists, vehicle manufacturers and technical specialists evaluated entries for the EPCOS/SIA annual awards. The EPCOS/SIA Award, jointly conferred on Valeo and Renault, recognizes the high degree of creativity and innovation in the design, manufacture and application of automotive electronic systems in current production.

Thanks to a close collaboration between Renault and Valeo, the Renault Laguna II is the first mass production application of a vehicle access system developed through a partnership between Valeo and a vehicle manufacturer.

The Valeo and Renault keyless entry system uses a credit card sized 'personal smart card' with a card reader slot and an engine start button integrated into the vehicle dashboard. The keyless entry system has important driver benefits over conventional key fob operated systems:

Comfort and convenience

Upon seizing the door handle, the driver who is carrying the personal smart card fitted with a transceiver, is sensed by the vehicle which immediately unlocks. Every door handle is equipped with a built-in sensor which initiates the driver recognition process and unlocks the doors. Simultaneously, pre-programmed driver comfort features such as rear view mirror settings and seat positions are activated. The driver then simply inserts the 'personal smart card' into the card reader slot in the dashboard to de-activate the engine immobilizer and steering lock and presses an adjacent button to start the ignition. The process of entering and starting the vehicle is quick and convenient and the experience of fumbling with an ignition key and the need to turn the steering wheel to release the steering lock is now consigned to history.

Safety and security

Thanks to the keyless entry system, it is also easier to access the tailgate which opens without having to find a key first. A push button activates automatic opening which means any bags can be quickly off-loaded. Faster vehicle entry is particularly advantageous in poorly lit areas where security is a consideration.

The full keyless entry system, using radio frequency, electronics and sensing, automatically ensures that all doors are locked when the driver leaves the vehicle, thus offering the driver additional security as well as 'peace of mind'.

In addition to the keyless entry system for the Renault Laguna II, Valeo also supplies clutch systems, lighting and windscreen wiper systems, electrical trunk and rear window latches, lock strikers, park assist sensors and starters and alternators for the vehicle.

The Renault and Valeo keyless entry system will be displayed at the IAA Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

(June 28, 2001)

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