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News of  March 14, 2001


2001 Show Themes at the New York International Automobile Show

NEW YORK - 2001 will be one of the most exciting and diverse shows in the 101-year history of the New York International Automobile Show. In New York, high-style is "in," small cars are "big," retro is booming, modern is chic, wagons are back, race cars are roaring, and safety is hi-tech cool.

"Show visitors will have the automotive treat of their lives at this year's show," said Show Director, Candida Romanelli. "In my ten years of running this show, I have never seen a more diverse and crowd-pleasing group of vehicles and new technology."

Here are some of the trends expected at this year's show:

  • Small is Big: Leaner Luxury for the New Economy: Small cars are back in fashion and "leaner" luxury cars all the rage. Look out for the Mercedes C-Class Coupe, Jaguar's all-wheel drive X-Type sedan, and Audi's redesigned A4.
  • Revival of Classic Nameplates: The new Mini, Ford's production T-Bird, Mazda's RX-8, Nissan's Z, and Volkswagen's Microbus are all classic examples of what to expect as automakers continue to take a look back in time for inspiration.
  • Wagons are Back: The Pontiac Vibe, Toyota Matrix, VW Jetta Wagon, Mercedes C-Class Wagon, and Lexus IS300 Sport Cross reveal a new trend well worth investigating.
  • The Shrinking SUV: The new Jeep Liberty, Land Rover Freelander and popular models in the market today, such as the Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute, Toyota Highlander, reveal a downsizing trend in the SUV segment. Mid-size SUV lovers should be on the look out for the new 2002 Ford Explorer and radically styled Mercury Mountaineer.
  • Safety is Hi-Tech Cool: Driving may never be the same again! Radar sensors, heartbeat monitors, rear-facing cameras, adaptive cruise control, drive-by-wire, are on their way to a car near you.
  • Motorsports is Hotter than Ever: Come see the best of NASCAR, Le Mans, Formula One, Indy, Stock Car, and more as the Auto Show pays a special tribute to Motorsports. The special Victory Lap display will feature some of racings hottest cars, including: McLaren F1, Infiniti Open Wheel Indy Race Car, Ford 1964, Ford 999, Jaguar 2001 R2, Volvo 1962 P1800 SCCA Racer, (Historic Series), 1963 Lotus Ford, BMW M3 Racer, and the Audi ST Competition Car.

(March 9, 2001)

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